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Ernest Thompson
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Short Answer Questions

1. For what does Billy go into the kitchen?

2. Who doubts what he says he saw?

3. What is Norman doing at the opening of Act 2, Scene 1?

4. Why does Ethel think Norman and Billy shouldn't go fishing?

5. Who is with Chelsea?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do you think this first interaction that you described in question #31 implies?

2. One of the statements Bill makes to Norman about Norman's teasing suggests that Chelsea has already prejudiced Bill towards Norman. Describe the scene and say if you think it was fair or wise of Chelsea to "warn" Bill.

3. What theme is illustrated by what Ethel does right after Norman and Billy leave?

4. Describe the first interaction between Ethel and Chelsea when they are alone.

5. What does Norman tell Ethel she shouldn't do in front of Chelsea and her boyfriend and how does this brief exchange between Norman and Ethel demonstrate a difference in their personality?

6. How does the first interaction between Chelsea and her parents show the reader the relationship between Chelsea and each of her parents?

7. Describe the interaction between Norman and Bill after the others have gone outside.

8. The scene when Billy Ray is introduced gives subtle clues as to how Norman may not be quite as gruff as first appears and how Chelsea misses the clue. Elaborate on this scene.

9. Give a brief synopsis of the conversation Chelsea and Ethel have about Norman as Chelsea just arrives.

10. What regret does Norman express and what may that regret foreshadow?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Two people mentioned in Act 1, Scene 1, are Miss Appley and Miss Tate who are both in their nineties. Ethel implies that these two have been romantically involved for many decades. This play was written in the 1970s, which means Miss Appley and Miss Tate probably became lovers in the early part of the 1900s. Answer the following questions in a coherent essay using detailed examples from the entire play:

1). How difficult do you think it was for the two women to have a relationship in the early part of the 20th century?

2). What do you think the attitude of each of their parents was when it became obvious that the two women were not going to marry men?

3). How would you feel if Miss Appley and Miss Tate were your next door neighbors?

Essay Topic 2

In Act 2, Scene 1, Ethel is left alone after Norman and Billy leave. She picks up her old doll, Elmer, and begins to reminisce about her childhood. Answer the following questions in a coherent essay using detailed examples from the entire play:

1). How do each of the following characters--Norman, Ethel, Chelsea, and Charlie--reminisce about days past? Include what they are remembering and the emotional impact the memory holds.

2). Is there any harm in re-living in one's mind the past? What if the past is hurtful, i.e., Chelsea's memories about her father? What if the past memories are of unfulfilled desire, i.e., Charlie feeling sorrow at not marrying Chelsea. Give your opinion with detailed examples.

3). Can re-living the past keep one from really enjoying the present? Give examples from your own experiences and the play.

Essay Topic 3

In Act 1, Scene 3, young Billy Ray is introduced and hits if off immediately with Norman, who has a somewhat strained relationship with his own daughter, Chelsea. Answer the following questions in a coherent essay using detailed examples from the entire play:

1). Why do you think Norman seems more relaxed and open to Billy Ray versus Chelsea?

2). Do you think Norman would have preferred a son rather than a daughter? Why?

3). Do you think most couples hope for a son as first born or at least having a son to carry on the family name?

4). How do you think the natural inclination for many couples to want at least one son has on the psychological health of daughters?

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