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Ernest Thompson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Norman give Billy to read?
(a) Swiss Family Robinson.
(b) The New York Times.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Star Wars.

2. What does Ethel tell Chelsea that surprises Chelsea?
(a) That her brother's remains have been found in Viet Nam.
(b) That Charlie is hoping to steal Chelsea away from Bill.
(c) That Ethel has to have surgery for cancer.
(d) That Norman and Billy got along very well while they were in Europe.

3. What does Ethel worry about regarding Norman and Billy?
(a) That Norman is working Billy too hard.
(b) That Billy will not be able to help Norman if he gets sick.
(c) That Norman will get angry at Billy and have a heart attack.
(d) She doesn't worry about them knowing they can take care of themselves.

4. What does Ethel do after Norman and Billy leave?
(a) Starts shelling peas for dinner.
(b) Goes back to bed for awhile.
(c) Calls Charlie to come help her clear out the shed.
(d) Picks up Elmer.

5. What happened in Brussels with Bill and Chelsea?
(a) They were arrested for accidentally trespassing.
(b) They got married.
(c) Their suitcases were stolen.
(d) They go in a big fight and Bill went back to California.

6. What financial question does Norman ask Bill?
(a) Whether Bill intends to support Chelsea so she can quit her job.
(b) How much money Bill nets per year.
(c) How much Bill charges for fillings.
(d) Whether to invest in a new technology company.

7. Why does Ethel talk to Norman before he leaves?
(a) She doesn't catch him before he's gone.
(b) To ask him to do something about the spider.
(c) To suggest he wear a raincoat.
(d) To ask him to take her to town before he leaves.

8. What is Norman's response to Chelsea's request?
(a) He says he has been nice to Bill even though Bill is a bit of a jerk.
(b) He says that he won't fly to California.
(c) He says yes.
(d) He says that she and her brother will have to settle who gets the cottage.

9. What surprises Billy about the lake cottage?
(a) That it has a computer with internet access.
(b) That it has electricity.
(c) That it has indoor plumbing.
(d) That it is so cool even with no air conditioning.

10. With what does Bill become irritated?
(a) With the way the grandfather clocks ticks so loudly.
(b) With how long the other three are staying at the lake.
(c) Norman's teasing.
(d) The heat and lack of air conditioning.

11. What does Chelsea say in response to Norman's question about the car?
(a) She doesn't know.
(b) Drives like it is riding on air.
(c) It really did not cost much.
(d) Less than 10,000 miles.

12. What does Norman mention to Ethel at the opening of this scene?
(a) That Chelsea did not marry Charlie.
(b) That Norman finds Ethel as attractive as the day they met.
(c) That Bill Ray does not like fishing.
(d) That Chelsea is past childbearing age and is childless.

13. How does Ethel respond to Norman's comment?
(a) That Chelsea would have been bored stiff at a life with Charlie.
(b) That Norman had intimidated all of Chelsea's boyfriends.
(c) That she still thinks Norman's a handsome devil.
(d) That Bill Ray does like to hunt.

14. What interrupts Chelsea and Ethel's conversation?
(a) The telephone rings.
(b) The neighbor pulls up in her car.
(c) The arrival of Norman and Billy.
(d) Charlie's knock on the door.

15. What is Norman's response to the idea of Chelsea and Bill sharing a bedroom?
(a) Only if they agree not to have sex.
(b) Hell, no, not in his house.
(c) If they want to share a room, rent a sleazy motel.
(d) There is only a twin bed in each bedroom, so it'd be pretty difficult.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is with Chelsea?

2. How does Chelsea greet her mother?

3. With what language is Norman helping Billy?

4. What is the purpose of the things that are hanging?

5. Who does Norman tell Billy not to awaken?

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