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Ernest Thompson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Ethel and Norman find Billy?
(a) Down by the lakeshore.
(b) Behind the couch.
(c) Back in his bed.
(d) Out on the porch.

2. What does Ethel suggest to Norman?
(a) That Norman eat with his mouth closed at dinner.
(b) That Norman not lecture Chelsea about anything.
(c) That he invite Bill Ray to take a ride in the boat.
(d) That he try to get along with Chelsea's new boyfriend.

3. What is Norman's response to the idea of Chelsea and Bill sharing a bedroom?
(a) Only if they agree not to have sex.
(b) Hell, no, not in his house.
(c) If they want to share a room, rent a sleazy motel.
(d) There is only a twin bed in each bedroom, so it'd be pretty difficult.

4. What surprises Billy about the lake cottage?
(a) That it has a computer with internet access.
(b) That it has electricity.
(c) That it has indoor plumbing.
(d) That it is so cool even with no air conditioning.

5. What do Bill and Norman talk about mostly at the beginning of their conversation?
(a) The New York Stock Exchange.
(b) Chelsea.
(c) Baseball.
(d) Fishing.

6. What does Ethel worry about regarding Norman and Billy?
(a) She doesn't worry about them knowing they can take care of themselves.
(b) That Billy will not be able to help Norman if he gets sick.
(c) That Norman will get angry at Billy and have a heart attack.
(d) That Norman is working Billy too hard.

7. Who doubts what he says he saw?
(a) Chelsea.
(b) Norman.
(c) Billy.
(d) Everyone.

8. What does Ethel do after Norman and Billy leave?
(a) Calls Charlie to come help her clear out the shed.
(b) Picks up Elmer.
(c) Goes back to bed for awhile.
(d) Starts shelling peas for dinner.

9. For what does Chelsea apologize?
(a) Chelsea apologizes for her part in their feud.
(b) For foisting Billy off on them for awhile.
(c) For returning to the cottage without calling first.
(d) For not giving Norman a chance to drive the rental car.

10. About what does Billy say Norman talks to him while they are out fishing?
(a) Norman tells him how to clean and fillet fish and dress deer.
(b) Billy says they don't talk much while they are out on the water.
(c) Norman tells him old stories.
(d) Norman tells him about girls.

11. How does Norman react to Chelsea's news?
(a) He likes it.
(b) He can't hear her talking.
(c) He is irate.
(d) He is indifferent.

12. How does Act 3, Scene 1 end?
(a) Charlie leaving in despair after learning of Chelsea's marriage.
(b) Norman offering to take Bill out in the boat.
(c) Billy coming downstairs and asking Norman to take him hunting.
(d) Charlie, Chelsea and Ethel singing a camp song and dancing.

13. What is Bill's response about Billy's announcement?
(a) He hestitates to join the ladies as he is afraid of bears.
(b) That maybe Norman will take him fishing if Billy asks politely.
(c) That there are still snacks in the cooler they brought.
(d) That he can't believe his son is actually going to read a book in the summer.

14. How does Chelsea pass off Billy and Norman's fishing activities?
(a) Joking that her dad should have traded her in for a son.
(b) Saying that as long as Norman is fishing, he isn't mean.
(c) She doesn't comment on them as she is too upset.
(d) Joking that Norman can be good for anyone for a few weeks.

15. Why does Ethel talk to Norman before he leaves?
(a) She doesn't catch him before he's gone.
(b) To ask him to do something about the spider.
(c) To suggest he wear a raincoat.
(d) To ask him to take her to town before he leaves.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does Billy go into the kitchen?

2. With what does Ethel replace the food Billy has in his hand?

3. Why does Ethel think Norman and Billy shouldn't go fishing?

4. About what does Norman try to talk?

5. What does Norman mention to Ethel at the opening of this scene?

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