On Golden Pond Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ernest Thompson
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Act 1, Scene 1,

• The play opens in a summer home on Golden Pond in Maine in mid-May.

• Norman Thayer is shown looking around the room and then picking up the phone.

• Norman is an older gentleman of seventy-nine with glasses and the charm of a young boy.

• Norman is in good health although he has occasional bouts with senility.
• Norman asks the operator to call him back but has forgotten the phone number.

• Ethel knocks on the door and Norman finally realizes he has to answer the door.

• Ethel is a casually dressed woman of sixty-nine and has been in the woods.

• Ethel accepts a dinner invitation for that evening from some neighbors.
• Ethel encounters Charlie in the woods, who is the local postal carrier and was also a boyfriend of Chelsea's when Charlie was younger.

• Norman and Ethel discuss the local gossip and observations on the condition of...

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