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Harold McGee
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are custards made from?
(a) Milk and eggs.
(b) Vegetable oil and whipped cream.
(c) Lard and cream.
(d) Buttermik and margarine.

2. Which of the following was an early method of preserving meat?
(a) Drying.
(b) Canning.
(c) Taping.
(d) Freezing.

3. What does the author state meat has helped humans to adapt to?
(a) Poverty.
(b) Warm climates.
(c) Cold climates.
(d) Oppressive regimes.

4. What dairy product contains several nutrients?
(a) Cream.
(b) Cheese.
(c) Milk.
(d) Ice cream.

5. What continent did sour cream and buttermilk originate from?
(a) Asia.
(b) North America.
(c) South America.
(d) Europe.

6. Which of the following does the author describe as having an almost meaty flavor?
(a) Egg plant.
(b) Ethiopian mustard.
(c) Courgette.
(d) Brussels.

7. What country do both sushi and sashimi originate from?
(a) China.
(b) Vietnam.
(c) Japan.
(d) Hong Kong.

8. What kind of vitamin do fish and shellfish contain?
(a) Vitamin A.
(b) Vitamin D.
(c) Vitamin B.
(d) Vitamin C.

9. What cooking method often results in tender cooked meat?
(a) Grilling.
(b) Spit roasting.
(c) Barbecuing.
(d) Frying.

10. What are poached eggs usually cooked in?
(a) Milk.
(b) Butter.
(c) Oil.
(d) Water.

11. Which of the following is a raw fish dish?
(a) Scupa.
(b) Slamini.
(c) Shooda.
(d) Sashimi.

12. On which two continents can one find yams?
(a) Europe and North America.
(b) South America and Africa.
(c) Asia and Africa.
(d) Asia and Oceania.

13. What kind of container does canned meat have to be canned in?
(a) A perspiring container.
(b) An airtight container.
(c) A ventilated container.
(d) A dry container.

14. Which of the following liquids can one use to poach a fish?
(a) Wine.
(b) Beer.
(c) Vodka.
(d) Water.

15. What does vitamin C aid in?
(a) Blood sugar replacement.
(b) High metabolic rates.
(c) Good digestion.
(d) Collagen replacement.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is margarine made from?

2. What dangerous bacteria can the antibiotics create?

3. What kind of meat does the author suggest people should grill?

4. What vitamin do Brussels Sprouts contain?

5. What part of the lobster is most prized?

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