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Harold McGee
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Four Basic Food Molecules.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How can one cook vegetables to avoid flavor loss?
(a) Bake slowly.
(b) Fry quickly.
(c) Roast quickly.
(d) Boil slowly.

2. Which of the following is the reason citrus fruit is currently so popular?
(a) Cheapness.
(b) Grows in any climate.
(c) Freezes well.
(d) Stores well.

3. What acidifies the milk to create the flavor of such cheeses as cheddar?
(a) Lactic acid bacteria.
(b) Alkaline bacteria.
(c) Jorgan acid bacteria.
(d) Lava acid bacteria.

4. Which of the following is a mold used in cheeses?
(a) Mortar.
(b) Penicillium.
(c) Oxen.
(d) Cyanide.

5. What do scientists believe fish oil is high in?
(a) Vitamin B.
(b) Protein.
(c) Omega fatty acids.
(d) Salt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What word best describes a coriander's aroma?

2. What are cookies usually made from?

3. What have people practiced with meat for over 4000 years?

4. What can one use nut skins to make?

5. What vitamin other than vitamin B are seeds likely to contain?

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