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Harold McGee
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Cereal, Doughs, and Batters.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What should one always do to vegetables before eating them?
(a) Peel them.
(b) Wash them.
(c) Freeze them.
(d) Par boil them.

2. What does pickling kill in products?
(a) Vitamins.
(b) Microbes.
(c) Bacteria.
(d) Nutrients.

3. What does the author say is the quickest way to cook meat?
(a) Spit roasting.
(b) Frying.
(c) Grilling.
(d) Oven cooking.

4. What should one do with seeds once one has cooked them?
(a) Eat them.
(b) Refrigerate them.
(c) Salt them.
(d) Freeze them.

5. What part of the lobster is often added to lobster sauce?
(a) Lobster shell.
(b) Lobster brain.
(c) Lobster eggs.
(d) Lobster blood.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of vitamin do fish and shellfish contain?

2. What does drying the meat prevent from growing?

3. What do phenolic compounds reduce the risk of?

4. What does soluble fiber do to the digestive system?

5. Which of the following is the reason citrus fruit is currently so popular?

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