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Harold McGee
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Cereal, Doughs, and Batters.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is egg made from?
(a) A foetus.
(b) Bacteria.
(c) Sugar and salt.
(d) A living germ cell.

2. From what kind of cream is ice cream made?
(a) Dry cream.
(b) Salted cream.
(c) Whipped cream.
(d) Sugared cream.

3. Why are tomatoes generally considered a fruit?
(a) They have low sugar content.
(b) They have are savoury product.
(c) They have high salt content.
(d) They have the coloring of a vegetable.

4. What are custards made from?
(a) Milk and eggs.
(b) Buttermik and margarine.
(c) Vegetable oil and whipped cream.
(d) Lard and cream.

5. What is an egg's shell formed from?
(a) Bone marrow and ligaments.
(b) Calcuim carbonate and protein.
(c) Whitish membrane and protein cells.
(d) Minerals and lactic acid.

Short Answer Questions

1. What drug do farmers use on animalw to create the hormones needed for leaner meat?

2. How can one cook vegetables to avoid flavor loss?

3. On which two continents can one find yams?

4. Which of the following is a method of drying fruit?

5. What have people practiced with meat for over 4000 years?

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