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Harold McGee
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Survey of Common Vegetables.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On which two continents can one find yams?
(a) Asia and Africa.
(b) Europe and North America.
(c) Asia and Oceania.
(d) South America and Africa.

2. What is key to cooking good custards?
(a) A patient attitude.
(b) A low temperature.
(c) A sense of fun.
(d) A high temperature.

3. What kind of meat does the author suggest people should grill?
(a) Fatty meat.
(b) Lean meat.
(c) Thick meat.
(d) Thin meat.

4. What does the author state is the best way to cook large meat?
(a) Spit roasts.
(b) grilling.
(c) Frying.
(d) Oven roasts.

5. What does the author state meat has helped humans to adapt to?
(a) Cold climates.
(b) Poverty.
(c) Warm climates.
(d) Oppressive regimes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does heat treatment kill in the milk?

2. What kind of food does Chapter Five examine?

3. What do people add squash blossoms to?

4. What country do poke and lomi dishes originate from?

5. What does the author think meat is leaner and younger than it has been in the past?

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