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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The condition of the dream's _____ is a problem in the study of dreams that Freud feels needs addressing.
(a) Expiration.
(b) Origin.
(c) Characters.
(d) References.

2. The _____ of mixed images is often the quickest way to the interpretation of dreams.
(a) Composition.
(b) Inclusion.
(c) Ignorance.
(d) Decomposition.

3. Why did the father of the girl of six cut her trip short?
(a) Because it was late.
(b) Because she was sick.
(c) Because she was hungry.
(d) Because he was sick.

4. The dream of Freud's own about Mrs. E.L. appears confusing and meaningless to Freud's _____.
(a) Decision-making process.
(b) Morality.
(c) Taste.
(d) Memory.

5. The thought that Freud has never had anything for nothing is _____ to Freud.
(a) Derailing.
(b) Confusing.
(c) A source of pride.
(d) Stinging.

Short Answer Questions

1. Freud says that many philosophers maintain that dreams have their origin in _____.

2. Freud compares his idea of composite figures to the _____ compositions of people from the Orient.

3. How does Freud characterize the bond between complicated nature of dreams and the difficulty expressing thoughts connected to the dream?

4. The injection dream reminds Freud of his first visit to _____.

5. Schubert saw dreams as a detachment of the soul from the _____.

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the two meanings of the word "cost" in German and how does this affect Freud's interpretation of the dream of Mrs.E. L.?

2. How does Freud describe the dreamer's reaction to dreams upon waking?

3. When Freud is reminded of Auer's Light by the glass hat, what conclusion does he come to?

4. What is latent content of dreams?

5. In Freud's dream example of the bathers, how does condensation occur?

6. What happens when there is nothing in common between dream thoughts?

7. How do the photographs of Francis Galton relate to Freud's idea of common factors in dreams?

8. How does Freud discover the meaning of the propyl injection in one of his dreams?

9. What happens if the idea of dream displacement is abolished during analysis?

10. What sort of language is expressed in dreams?

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