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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The first category of dreams is classified as _____.
(a) Electrically charged.
(b) Devoid of intellect.
(c) Highly psychic.
(d) Intelligible.

2. Why did the father of the girl of six cut her trip short?
(a) Because she was sick.
(b) Because she was hungry.
(c) Because it was late.
(d) Because he was sick.

3. What hero does the boy of eight dream of?
(a) Superman.
(b) Goliath.
(c) Achilles.
(d) Apollo.

4. The condition of the dream's _____ is a problem in the study of dreams that Freud feels needs addressing.
(a) Expiration.
(b) Characters.
(c) Origin.
(d) References.

5. The more _____ the dream is, the greater is the part to be attributed the impetus of displacement in its formation.
(a) Varied and intense.
(b) Obscure and intricate.
(c) Languid and controlled.
(d) Vivid and colorful.

6. Which piece of writing by Scherner and Volkelt does Freud give credit to in terms of his opinion on the ideas that philosophers of his time have on dreams?
(a) "Frontal Lobe and Dreams".
(b) "Dream Phantasies".
(c) "Fascinations of the Mind".
(d) "Cranial Progressions".

7. What does Freud call the ideas encompassing the thought that dreams are worthless in their content?
(a) Accurate assumptions.
(b) Possible tenets of his philosophy.
(c) Derogatory judgments.
(d) Deep consequences.

8. What does Freud say aspects of the process of dream analysis are analogous to that of?
(a) Letter writing.
(b) Reason.
(c) Carving.
(d) Rhyme.

9. Whose family photographs does Freud use as an example of common factors in a composite?
(a) Ruger.
(b) Garson.
(c) Galton.
(d) Reiger.

10. Which inventor does Freud compare his discoveries to?
(a) Auer.
(b) Marconi.
(c) Tesla.
(d) Jung.

11. The first dream thoughts which are unraveled by analysis are striking because of their _____.
(a) Predictable plot.
(b) Depnedence on color.
(c) Dependence on action.
(d) Unusual wording.

12. What does Freud say of the dream's means of expression versus those of the imagination?
(a) That they are equal.
(b) That they are continuous.
(c) That they are meager.
(d) That they are superior.

13. What was he seeking from his wife in the incident before the dream of Mrs. E. L., in Freud's conclusion in Chapter 4?
(a) Access to her dowry.
(b) A kiss.
(c) Undivided attention.
(d) Money.

14. Condensation and _____ do not wholly account for the difference between dream contents and dream thoughts.
(a) Characterization.
(b) Dramatization.
(c) Correlation.
(d) Realization.

15. The dream of Freud's own about Mrs. E.L. appears confusing and meaningless to Freud's _____.
(a) Memory.
(b) Taste.
(c) Morality.
(d) Decision-making process.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sort of health resort was Freud at with his wife before the dream of Mrs. E. L.?

2. The second group of dreams poses the problem of being unable to reconcile their meaning with _____.

3. How does Freud say that dreams were regarded by pre-scientific people upon wakening in terms of manifestation of higher powers?

4. Freud has a dream about an injection of _____.

5. Dream displacement is designated as the _____ of psychical values.

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