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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9 (pp. 59-61).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The _____ of mixed images is often the quickest way to the interpretation of dreams.
(a) Composition.
(b) Inclusion.
(c) Ignorance.
(d) Decomposition.

2. How does Freud characterize the bond between complicated nature of dreams and the difficulty expressing thoughts connected to the dream?
(a) As detached.
(b) As lacking motive.
(c) As inconclusive.
(d) As intimate.

3. The second class of dreams is a _____ realization of repressed desires.
(a) Perfectly concealed.
(b) Outwardly obvious.
(c) Massively important.
(d) Broken.

4. The presentation of causal connections between two ideas is often reversed, beginning with deduction and ending in _____.
(a) Detailed correlation.
(b) Hypothesis.
(c) Failure.
(d) Confusion.

5. Where does Freud say that medical writers attribute accidental occurrences that influence dreams come from?
(a) Drug use.
(b) Physical abuse.
(c) Food intake.
(d) Internal organs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dream displacement is designated as the _____ of psychical values.

2. Freud deeply wishes that his affection required no _____.

3. How does the woman who is married in the theater dream feel about having married so young?

4. The _____ language of the poets is thought to be important in dreams by Freud.

5. According to Freud, conversion of the latent thoughts into manifest thoughts _____.

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