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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 (pp. 33-38).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Freud say that dreams were regarded by pre-scientific people upon wakening in terms of manifestation of higher powers?
(a) As friendly or hostile.
(b) As instructional for the future.
(c) As worthless.
(d) As informative.

2. What elements of the brain does Freud feel the medical writers narrowly attribute the nature of dreams to?
(a) Frontal.
(b) Conical.
(c) Cortical.
(d) Occipital.

3. Where does the boy in the Dachstein trip refuse to go?
(a) To the bear caves.
(b) To the peak.
(c) To the waterfall.
(d) To the farm.

4. The thought that Freud has never had anything for nothing is _____ to Freud.
(a) Derailing.
(b) A source of pride.
(c) Confusing.
(d) Stinging.

5. Which inventor does Freud compare his discoveries to?
(a) Tesla.
(b) Auer.
(c) Marconi.
(d) Jung.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the food that the twenty-two-month-old boy was supposed to give to his uncle?

2. What is the nature of the element that Freud decides is the most direct offspring of the principal dream thought?

3. According to Freud, conversion of the latent thoughts into manifest thoughts _____.

4. Freud's mindset in the dream of Mrs. E. L. is that he would like _____.

5. Who owes Freud a large sum of money that he relates to the dream of Mrs. E.L.?

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