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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 (pp. 26-32).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the painting in the Cycle of Melusine that is a reference to Freud's dream of the bathers?
(a) The Surprise in the Bath.
(b) Afternoon at the Baths.
(c) The Grecian Bathers.
(d) The Art of the Swim.

2. What is the salient feature of the manifest content of the dreams of children?
(a) Their meaningless quality.
(b) Their connection with life of the day.
(c) Their multi-faceted views on life.
(d) Their connection with spirituality.

3. What is served in Freud's dream of Mrs. E.L.?
(a) Squash blossoms.
(b) Spinach.
(c) Artichokes.
(d) Pancakes and confit.

4. What is the name of the new investigative tool that Freud uses to interpret dreams?
(a) Shock therapy.
(b) Impressionism.
(c) The scientific method.
(d) Psychoanalysis.

5. Which piece of writing by Scherner and Volkelt does Freud give credit to in terms of his opinion on the ideas that philosophers of his time have on dreams?
(a) "Frontal Lobe and Dreams".
(b) "Cranial Progressions".
(c) "Fascinations of the Mind".
(d) "Dream Phantasies".

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Mrs. E.L. put her hand in Freud's dream?

2. What is another word Freud uses for "condensation" in dreams?

3. What sort of associations does Freud say disturb our thoughts?

4. One medical writer characterizes dreams as a physical process that is always useless and frequently _____.

5. What hero does the boy of eight dream of?

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