On Dreams Character Descriptions

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Sigmund Freud

This person was born in what is now the Czech Republic and attended the University of Vienna where the person decided to go into psychology and neurology.

Frau E L

This person is present in the specimen dream and acts in an intimate manner by touching the dreamer's leg and whispering in the dreamer's ear.

Frau Freud

This person is the spouse of the author.

Little girl who wishes to be older

This person is a child patient who dreams that she grows so large that she cannot fit in her bed.

Woman at funeral

This person wishes to again be in the situation where she can again see the man that she falls in love with.

Herr M.

This person is presented in the manifest content of the dream because the author had just read an article in which his friend's ideas were rejected.

Freud's friend who rides home with him in a cab

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