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Chapter 1 (pp. 5-7)

• Freud explains that from the very beginning of time, people have had dreams.

• In more prehistoric times, people believed that dreams were associated with a higher power or gods.

• Dreams were sent down from these deities as a way to communicate with the lesser humans.

• In Freud's time, almost all people believed that dreams happen in the mind of the dreamer.

• However, because people have begun rejecting the thought that dreams are signs sent from higher powers, dreams have need of more of an explanation.
• What is their origin?

• What is their relation to our everyday life?

• How much does outside stimuli affect them while they are dreaming?

• Why are dreams so transitory?

• These are all questions people pose about dreams.
• Freud insists that until now, there is no satisfactory solution for the question of dreams.

• Freud further asserts that it is important to discover...

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