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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Mamet in Chapter 6, you can't make it interesting once you get where?
(a) The blueprint board.
(b) The editing room.
(c) The storyboard room.
(d) The sound stage.

2. What does Mamet say is useless filler in film, and the giveaway to a joke's punch line, in Chapter 5?
(a) Exposition.
(b) Obstacle.
(c) Drama.
(d) Signposts.

3. According to Mamet in Chapter 6, we would like to learn a technique of directing and analyzing as concrete as that of a what?
(a) Sculptor.
(b) Shoemaker.
(c) Scientist.
(d) Painter.

4. According to Mamet, most actors in film and stage today are what?
(a) Well trained.
(b) Badly trained.
(c) Too edgy.
(d) Too self-absorbed.

5. Mamet says that the perfect movie doesn't have any what?
(a) Scenes.
(b) Dialogue.
(c) Characters.
(d) Cuts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What, in approaching the task of film, do we not have to do all at once, in Mamet's analogy in Chapter 6?

2. According to Mamet in Chapter 6, it isn't your job to make it what?

3. Using the example the class previously created, in Chapter 4, what is the meaning of the beat?

4. What did the pig have around its neck in the hypothetical film from Chapter 5?

5. What did Stanislavsky ask the steamboat captain, according to Mamet in Chapter 6?

Short Essay Questions

1. What scenario did Mamet present for the hypothetical film in Chapter 5?

2. What does Mamet say regarding subconscious response in Chapter 4?

3. What is the hierarchy of film? Why did Mamet suggest the actor cannot be a fallback for the film in Chapter 6?

4. What is the appropriate response to the actor who asks "how do I walk down the hall", in the example in Chapter 4?

5. What is the Cult of Self which Mamet refers to in Chapter 6?

6. What decision did Mamet suggest is in the hands of the director, in Chapter 6?

7. What example did Mamet give of Humphrey Bogart's simplicity, in Chapter 4?

8. What did Mamet write about the Navaho Indians in Chapter 6?

9. What analogy did Mamet give that involves Stanislavsky, in Chapter 6?

10. What was Mamet's reply to the question, "Is it possible to do everything "right" and still make a bad movie?"

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