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Short Answer Questions

1. Why did some of the nurses avoid tending to patients who were terminally ill?

2. What did the daughter of a patient in chapter IX do when her mother became ill?

3. What did Cicely Saunders do before she became an author?

4. What does Kubler-Ross say a therapist will see while witnessing the passing of many terminal patients?

5. What was an UNEXPECTED benefit of Kubler-Ross' seminars for the patients who attended?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the most frustrating part of the last patient's illness?

2. What helped sustain the seventeen-year-old girl during her terminal illness?

3. What does death seem like to a three-year-old child?

4. For whom does the courageous female patient feel sorry?

5. What does death seem like to a five-year-old child?

6. How did the nursing staff treat the terminal ward of the hospital before Kubler-Ross's seminars?

7. Why did the nursing staff treat the terminal ward the way that they did before Kubler-Ross's seminars?

8. What was Mr. Y.'s biggest complaint while his wife was sick?

9. What does Kubler-Ross emphasize as the most important thing for terminal patients to do?

10. How does the hospital staff initially respond to Kubler-Ross's seminars?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mrs. S. was a dynamic woman who had faced many different trials in her life. What were these trials, and how did they affect her ability to grieve properly?

Essay Topic 2

What are "bonuses," and how can they change a patient's experience with a terminal disease? Is this a good thing to encourage in a terminal patient--why or why not? Using the text, cite some examples--positive or negative--of patients using this technique.

Essay Topic 3

Explain Mr. Y.'s situation as well as the reasoning he was given for being placed in that situation. How did this affect his wife's and his acceptance process?

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