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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through VII and VIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kubler-Ross observe about patients who get the chance to express themselves before death?
(a) Their families are more troubled.
(b) They find comfort but hold on too long.
(c) They die with peace and dignity.
(d) They have a hard time finding true acceptance.

2. What is the biggest relief to an angry patient?
(a) Suppressing his or her feelings until they go away.
(b) Being separated from people for a time.
(c) Expressing his or her anger.
(d) Writing his or her feelings.

3. What finally allows the nun to come to terms with her anger?
(a) Helping other terminal patients deal with their anger.
(b) Getting the chance to express her feelings.
(c) Finally hearing the proper diagnosis of her illness.
(d) Making peace with her family.

4. What point was reiterated in the story of Mr. and Mrs. W.?
(a) That closure is an important process in the dying process.
(b) That too much communication can be harmful.
(c) That over-stimulation is harmful to the acceptance process.
(d) That we should pay more attention to the patient's wishes than our own.

5. Why do we psychologically react more severely to death than the ancient man?
(a) We have many more means of defending ourselves.
(b) We have not been taught the correct coping process.
(c) The ancient man had greater faith.
(d) The life of ancient man was not pleasant, and death was an escape.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who causes the nun to examine her faith?

2. To whom was the patient in chapter VI not communicating his true feelings?

3. What ironic example of our deluded ideas towards death does Dr, Kubler-Ross give in chapter II?

4. How does Kubler-Ross say others should react to the denial of a terminal patient?

5. Why does Kubler-Ross feel that our inability to cope with death is such a selfish thing?

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