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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through V and VI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What finally allows the nun to come to terms with her anger?
(a) Making peace with her family.
(b) Helping other terminal patients deal with their anger.
(c) Finally hearing the proper diagnosis of her illness.
(d) Getting the chance to express her feelings.

2. What does Kubler-Ross say that we are really denying when we refuse to accept a terminal illness in someone we love?
(a) Our fear and longing.
(b) The hope of an after-life.
(c) Our own mortality.
(d) That the bonds of love will last.

3. Who makes up Kubler-Ross's research team?
(a) Some theology students and herself.
(b) Some medical students and herself.
(c) Some psychology students and herself.
(d) Some top-of-the line social workers and herself.

4. What is not necessary to do when a patient is unable to accept reality?
(a) Working to prolong his or her life.
(b) Letting him or her remain in denial.
(c) Moving on with the necessary items.
(d) Talking about the terminal nature of his or her disease.

5. What are terminal patients usually upset about when they reach the fourth stage of grief?
(a) Abandoning their family.
(b) Being abandoned by God.
(c) The realization of loss.
(d) Their unresolved issues.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Kubler-Ross blame for the increased fear of death and dying?

2. What is usually the best way to help angry patients push past their feelings of anger?

3. What ironic example of our deluded ideas towards death does Dr, Kubler-Ross give in chapter II?

4. What usually follows denial in the grieving process?

5. Why is Kubler-Ross so shocked at American's inability to accept death?

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