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A discussion group where patients were personally interviewed by a small team behind one-way glass and freely chose whether or not to attend.

Chicago Theological Seminary

The school of the students that approached Kubler-Ross to help them with their paper on the biggest crisis in human life.

Interdisciplinary Hospital Personnel

The Catholic hospital where Kubler-Ross's interviews were held behind a one-way mirror so that an audience could observe, and the patient could be interviewed in a relatively private setting.

Five Stages of Grief

The broken down process of dealing with a terminal illness.


The symbol of our defensiveness about death and a way to repress the anxieties we feel around terminal illness.


This can make the prognosis of a disease much more serious and often fatal.

Therapy for Terminal Illness

Facing the fear, resolving logistical issues, understanding our own feelings, and, finally, coming to a...

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