Daily Lessons for Teaching On Death and Dying

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Lesson 1 (from I and II)


I and II

This entire book is about the grieving process as it accompanies the death of terminally ill patients. The object of this lesson will be to prepare the students for the heavy subject.


1) Write the word 'Death' on the board in large letters. Have the students write their responses to this word. Have each student read his or her short response. Discuss these with the class. Chances are, most of the answers, if not all, are negative. Why does death hold such a negative force over us? Were there any responses that surprised you?

2) Read aloud with the class Kubler-Ross's mission statement. Discuss this with the class. Her objective is to bring a more positive and peaceful light on the subject of death. How does this make you feel? How do you think she will accomplish this task? What would it take to...

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