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Essay Topic 1

Describe each of the five stages of grieving and how each can aid a terminally ill patient in accepting his or her mortality.

Essay Topic 2

What is "the silence that goes beyond words," and how is this beneficial to a terminally ill patient?

Essay Topic 3

What were the initial reactions of the medical staff to Kubler-Ross's seminars, and how did these change as the seminars progressed? Why did they change? Please use examples from the book to illustrate your points.

Essay Topic 4

What did Kubler-Ross feel was the most important thing for terminally ill patients to do, and what are three ways that this can be done?

Essay Topic 5

Mr. E. was particularly frustrated about one effect of his illness. What was this frustration, and how did this affect his grieving process? What are some things that Kubler-Ross advised him to do about this, and what...

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