On Death and Dying Character Descriptions

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Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Almost single-handedly, this character broke open the field of coping with terminal illnesses for Americans and, ultimately, changed the way we deal with this sensitive subject.

Mrs. K.

A patient admitted to the hospital for a terminal liver disease, this character was convinced a faith healer had completely cured her.

Mrs. W.

This character was in pain, tired, and ready to die. However, this character's spouse was unable to let her go or to accept her death.

Mr. H.

This patient was portrayed as uncommunicative and difficult but talked to the interview panel for over an hour, and this character's strength was renewed by communicating.

Rabindrinath Tagore

This person's writing appears at the beginning of each chapter and is always relevant to the topic.

Dr. G.

This person was a dentist who was a war veteran whose doctor did not tell him the nature of his...

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