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Short Answer Questions

1. What are the three things that Augustine claims that interpretations of Scripture should build up?

2. Based on Augustine's Preface, what is the perception of critics toward learning?

3. When Augustine focuses on one of the types of criticism he expects to receive, what does he suggest to the reader?

4. According to Augustine, how should a student be affected as he/she becomes proficient in interpreting Scripture?

5. How does Augustine use the items of his example to illustrate his distinction?

Short Essay Questions

1. Upon which type of critics does Augustine focus his attention in the preface?

2. What does Augustine recommend to orators who use speech writers?

3. What tool does Augustine write that a pastor can use to help make Scripture understandable?

4. What self-knowledge does Augustine write that students need and what steps does Augustine suggest for them to overcome the limits of that self-knowledge to learn to interpret Scripture?

5. Why does Augustine begin his differentiation of the items that students must learn in the fashion which he does?

6. Why does Augustine suggest that Christians should learn to use rhetoric?

7. Augustine refutes his critics from the Preface with a common example. What was that example and how does Augustine use it to support his position?

8. What are some types of tropes that Augustine discusses?

9. What inference can be made from the extensive training that Augustine recommends to interpret Scripture?

10. What is the source if an individual knows more than they actually know and how does that impact Augustine's effort?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Book Two, Augustine begins teaching on interpreting signs in Scripture. He warns against misapplying literal and figurative language to interpret signs. Read the creation account of Genesis 1. Compare the effects on theology by considering the chapter literally and figuratively. Explain how the literal or figurative interpretation of Genesis 1 affects the interpretation of miracles and events through the rest of the Bible including, but not limited to, the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

Essay Topic 2

Augustine requires his students to be motivated by the Christian commands to love God and to love their neighbors. Explain which is easier to show, love of God or love of neighbors. Identify how each is demonstrated and how love of one can contribute to showing love for the other.

Essay Topic 3

Augustine devotes the preface to answering criticism he expects to receive from a sect known as the Donatists. Compare Augustine's position to what you know of the Donatists from the preface (those who believe that "special gifts" were necessary to interpret Scripture). What are the benefits of the two beliefs? What are the disadvantages of each? Which system of interpretation do you consider more beneficial to the general public and particularly to the growth and development of the Christian Church. Explain your answer.

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