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Short Answer Questions

1. Upon what does Augustine focus most of his efforts in the Preface of "On Christian Doctrine"?

2. With what prediction does Augustine start "On Christian Doctrine"?

3. What is the doctrine that Augustine claims critics of human teaching defend?

4. What are the two primary reasons that Augustine devotes his time to those questions?

5. What is the primary tool for interpretation for the critics that Augustine primarily focuses on in the Preface?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Augustine, for whom are written commands in Scripture intended?

2. How does Augustine require that a speaker treat Scriptural interpretation?

3. What does Augustine identify as a trope and how does it affect interpretation of Scripture?

4. Why does Augustine suggest that Christians should learn to use rhetoric?

5. What three virtues do students need to teach Scripture?

6. What are the seven rules of interpretation that Augustine used from Tyconius' book of Rules?

7. Upon which type of critics does Augustine focus his attention in the preface?

8. What relationship does Augustine write humans should have with God? What does Augustine write must humans do before they can enter this relationship?

9. How does Cicero detail an orator speaking in proportion with the gravity of the subject matter?

10. What is Augustine's focus in Book Two?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Augustine begins training his students to interpret scripture with an examination of "things." He differentiates "things" that are to be used from things that are to be enjoyed. Use an example that Augustine used in "On Christian Doctrine" to make a Venn diagram comparing things that are used with things enjoyed. Write an essay on your diagram and identify the standard that Augustine uses to determine how things are to be used and enjoyed properly. Conclude the essay with the steps you would have to take to use and enjoy things based on Augustine's standards.

Essay Topic 2

Augustine requires his students to be motivated by the Christian commands to love God and to love their neighbors. Explain which is easier to show, love of God or love of neighbors. Identify how each is demonstrated and how love of one can contribute to showing love for the other.

Essay Topic 3

In Book Three, Augustine examines the natures of God, man, sin and lust. Give a review of what Augustine taught on these three areas, how they compare and contrast to modern perceptions on the same three areas, and whether you agree with Augustine's positions and why you do or do not. Cite recognizable examples from modern times and history to support your view.

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