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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the third type of criticism that Augustine suggests "On Christian Doctrine" would face?

2. In approaching this distinction, what is Augustine's first focus in Book One?

3. When Augustine focuses on one of the types of criticism he expects to receive, what does he suggest to the reader?

4. What does Augustine reason is the consequence to human teaching if learning comes from Divine gifts?

5. How are things separated by Augustine?

Short Essay Questions

1. What inference can be made from the extensive training that Augustine recommends to interpret Scripture?

2. What does Augustine recommend as the best method for acquiring rhetorical skill?

3. What does Augustine focus on in Book Four?

4. What is Augustine's focus in Book Two?

5. What are the criticisms that Augustine predicts he will face over "On Christian Doctrine"?

6. What is Augustine's focus in Book One?

7. What does Augustine claim an interpreter must consider regarding the author of Scripture to make a correct interpretation?

8. What does Augustine claim are the two types of signs and how are they defined?

9. Why does Augustine suggest that Scripture reports the great sins of holy men?

10. What does Augustine identify as a trope and how does it affect interpretation of Scripture?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Book Four focuses on the significance of rhetorical skill in the defense of Scriptural interpretation, yet Augustine chooses not to teach rhetoric and advises his students to study people who are effective rhetoricians. Compare learning rhetorical skill from a textbook to learning it directly from someone who demonstrates the gifts for using rhetoric effectively. Choose someone you know to be a public speaker and identify techniques that person uses to effectively communicate with an audience and how you could apply their style to your deliveries.

Essay Topic 2

In Book Three, Augustine examines the natures of God, man, sin and lust. Give a review of what Augustine taught on these three areas, how they compare and contrast to modern perceptions on the same three areas, and whether you agree with Augustine's positions and why you do or do not. Cite recognizable examples from modern times and history to support your view.

Essay Topic 3

Augustine demands his students to pursue moral purification. As modern students, you are required to adhere to institutional rules at home, school and jobs. Compare obedience to rules to the standards Augustine sets for moral purification. How does obedience to rules help to bring one to seek moral purification? Can moral purification contribute to someone being more obedient to institutional rules? How? Can moral purification lead someone to be defiant of institutional rules? Why or why not?

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