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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Augustine relate Truth and God?

2. What is the first important distinction that Augustine makes in Book One?

3. What is Augustine's attitude toward those who have a "special gift" for interpretation from God?

4. What does Augustine identify as the relationship between all other things and the object of ultimate worship?

5. What is an important distinction that Augustine teaches students to understand through three Books of "On Christian Doctrine?

Short Essay Questions

1. What categories does Augustine use to define spheres of natural knowledge?

2. What are the seven rules of interpretation that Augustine used from Tyconius' book of Rules?

3. What inference can be made from the extensive training that Augustine recommends to interpret Scripture?

4. What tool does Augustine write that a pastor can use to help make Scripture understandable?

5. About what subject does Augustine want to answer many questions in Book One and for what two reasons does he want to answer them?

6. What does Augustine focus on in Book Four?

7. What are the two subject matters into which Augustine divides the four books in "Of Christian Doctrine"?

8. What relationship does Augustine write humans should have with God? What does Augustine write must humans do before they can enter this relationship?

9. What does Augustine recommend should be the lifestyle and focus of the Christian speaker?

10. What does Augustine identify as an important consideration when determining how many ideas words or phrases from Scripture contain?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Book Two, Augustine identified challenges of translating the original languages of Scripture into the Roman-Latin language of his day. Explain the difficulty with translating older English versions of the Bible, such as the King James version, into the type of terms and phrases that students use today. How can translating the Bible from old English style to modern jargon be done while preserving the integrity of Scripture?

Essay Topic 2

Augustine requires his students to be motivated by the Christian commands to love God and to love their neighbors. Explain which is easier to show, love of God or love of neighbors. Identify how each is demonstrated and how love of one can contribute to showing love for the other.

Essay Topic 3

Augustine writes that God uses, rather than enjoys, humans and that the extent of His use of each human is based upon the depth of love those humans have for God. Detail how a student can translate their love of God to commitment to the study course that Augustine lays out. Explain how a student motivated by the love for God will respond to guidance from the sources for learning that Augustine recommends and how doing such can prepare a student to guide a community to seek proper and intelligent Scriptural interpretation.

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