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Short Answer Questions

1. What setting does Augustine recommend for sound Scriptural learning?

2. What does Augustine suggest a conception of Christian love will serve for the student?

3. What is the problem for the critics that Augustine addresses in the Preface when they choose to teach?

4. Of these influences on personal thought, which does Augustine claim Scripture teaches can lead a Christian to positive patterns?

5. What doctrine does Augustine introduce to explain how Truth can be seen?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Cicero detail an orator speaking in proportion with the gravity of the subject matter?

2. Why does Augustine suggest that the critics he focuses on in the Preface do not believe his teaching is necessary?

3. What categories does Augustine use to define spheres of natural knowledge?

4. Why does Augustine claim the topic of Book Three is so difficult?

5. What are the seven rules of interpretation that Augustine used from Tyconius' book of Rules?

6. What is the illustration Augustine uses to show the difference between things "enjoyed" and things "used"?

7. What tool does Augustine write that a pastor can use to help make Scripture understandable?

8. What does Augustine identify as the two types of passages interpreted from Scripture?

9. What is the source if an individual knows more than they actually know and how does that impact Augustine's effort?

10. How many types of criticism does Augustine predict he will face over "On Christian Doctrine"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Augustine begins training his students to interpret scripture with an examination of "things." He differentiates "things" that are to be used from things that are to be enjoyed. Use an example that Augustine used in "On Christian Doctrine" to make a Venn diagram comparing things that are used with things enjoyed. Write an essay on your diagram and identify the standard that Augustine uses to determine how things are to be used and enjoyed properly. Conclude the essay with the steps you would have to take to use and enjoy things based on Augustine's standards.

Essay Topic 2

Augustine warns that coveting negates Christian love. Explain coveting as a motivation and identify how covetousness will motivate someone to take actions that appear to be similar to Christian love. Conclude your explanation with the consequences of a covetous individual misusing the acts of Christian love to the person he/she uses them upon, the person who commits those false acts, and to the image of Christian love.

Essay Topic 3

Augustine demands his students to pursue moral purification. As modern students, you are required to adhere to institutional rules at home, school and jobs. Compare obedience to rules to the standards Augustine sets for moral purification. How does obedience to rules help to bring one to seek moral purification? Can moral purification contribute to someone being more obedient to institutional rules? How? Can moral purification lead someone to be defiant of institutional rules? Why or why not?

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