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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first important distinction that Augustine makes in Book One?

2. What is an important distinction that Augustine teaches students to understand through three Books of "On Christian Doctrine?

3. What are the three things that Augustine claims that interpretations of Scripture should build up?

4. What is the nature of the second important distinction Augustine identifies in Book One?

5. According to Augustine, for what reason should one love oneself?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Augustine claim are the two types of signs and how are they defined?

2. Why does Augustine suggest that Scripture reports the great sins of holy men?

3. What is a technique that Augustine uses to determine the meaning of a passage that cannot be discovered by simply reading the passage?

4. How does Augustine require that a speaker treat Scriptural interpretation?

5. How many types of criticism does Augustine predict he will face over "On Christian Doctrine"?

6. Upon which type of critics does Augustine focus his attention in the preface?

7. According to Augustine, how are words as signs difficult to understand?

8. Why does Augustine suggest that the critics he focuses on in the Preface do not believe his teaching is necessary?

9. What is the source if an individual knows more than they actually know and how does that impact Augustine's effort?

10. What does Augustine identifies as three things that students need to use to develop responsible interpretations of Scripture?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Augustine begins training his students to interpret scripture with an examination of "things." He differentiates "things" that are to be used from things that are to be enjoyed. Use an example that Augustine used in "On Christian Doctrine" to make a Venn diagram comparing things that are used with things enjoyed. Write an essay on your diagram and identify the standard that Augustine uses to determine how things are to be used and enjoyed properly. Conclude the essay with the steps you would have to take to use and enjoy things based on Augustine's standards.

Essay Topic 2

Augustine wrote of the unchangeable nature of Truth and Wisdom, yet many of the most useful things for learning today, (computers, smart phones, mp3 storage devices, the Internet) change at a rapid pace. Compare learning from Truth and Wisdom. Explain how things that are used for learning today can be used to validate what Augustine defines as Truth and Wisdom, as well as how they can be misused to lead someone away from those virtues.

Essay Topic 3

Augustine's writings on Christian conduct and practices are still influential today. Identify three principles he articulates in "On Christian Doctrine" that you consider important in Christian practices today. Write why you consider them important, what sort of affect the application of these principles have on Christianity and general society, and how you plan to implement these principles in your life.

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