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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Augustine say the student pass through if he/she will be able to understand Scripture?
(a) Rigorous physical and mental challenges to prove to God the seriousness of the desire to learn.
(b) A 40-day period of seclusion and fasting so they can better know the mind of Christ.
(c) The purging of unclean spiritual occupations that are too common in the pagan cultures.
(d) Stages of spiritual purification and understand the need for God and Christian virtues.

2. From what type of education does Augustine develop his curriculum of Scriptural learning?
(a) A Hasidic education.
(b) A classical education.
(c) An ecclesiastical education.
(d) A Nazarene education.

3. What does Augustine identify as a necessary subject that a student must learn to understand Scripture?
(a) The working order of the Catholic Church to understand where to go for sound reference and guidance.
(b) The relevant languages and make all the translations he can find.
(c) Records of the Council of Trent to know the points of sound doctrine.
(d) The Apocrypha so the hidden meaning of Scriptural signs can be illuminated.

4. What was the topic of Book Three?
(a) Learning how to overcome critics with well-reasoned and complete prose.
(b) Learning how to handle unknown or unfamiliar signs.
(c) Learning the philosophy of Classic Greeks as a key to Scriptural interpretation.
(d) Learning as a discipline to prove Christian convictions.

5. What does it mean that Augustine requires his students to have such broad knowledge to master his course?
(a) That learning from Augustine was all absorbing and time consuming.
(b) That he believes that finding the meaning of scripture can only be done through intense and careful study.
(c) That he was preparing them for other professions should they not prove adept at teaching.
(d) That he was a hard taskmaster with high expectations of his students.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Augustine in Book Three, what is the purpose of Scripture in reporting the condition that affects holy men?

2. What are the two types of signs in Book Two?

3. By the end of Book Two, Augustine devoted much of this text to refuting critics who believe Scriptural interpretation comes simply. What does this infer of Augustine's methods of debate?

4. What ethical principle of the Bible does Augustine require for students to use as a guide for interpretation of Scripture?

5. According to Augustine, to whom are commands from Scripture intended?

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