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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a major challenge in dealing with the topic addressed in Book Three?
(a) The meanings of Scriptural phrases that contain ambiguous signs can often be changed with misplaced punctuation.
(b) Understanding the difference between signs given to groups and signs given to individuals can only be achieved after study of the languages in which languages were written.
(c) Often figurative language is used to represent both God and angels and this language must be investigated in its original form, not translations.
(d) The sinful nature of the human filter can interfere with the interpretation of Scripture at any stage of investigation.

2. What are the two categories of signs Augustine identifies in Book Two?
(a) Signs that are things and signs that are words.
(b) Signs that can be used and signs that can be enjoyed.
(c) Signs that are given through special gifts and signs that are given through angels.
(d) Natural signs and given signs.

3. What are the two different ways a Scriptural passage can be considered, according to Book Three?
(a) They can be considered as details of things or details of signs.
(b) They can be considered culturally or historically.
(c) They can be considered linguistically or grammatically.
(d) They can be considered figuratively or literally.

4. Upon what does Augustine say the student of Scripture must rely during his studies?
(a) The student must rely on experience.
(b) The student must rely on translations of manuscripts of Scripture.
(c) The student must rely heavily on experts.
(d) The student must rely heavily on manuscripts of Scripture.

5. Based on the academic demands that Augustine places on his students, it is clear that Augustine believes what?
(a) That personal discipline and focusing on things outside of the body helps build chastity and humility.
(b) That God is the master of all creation and language and the more you know of each the better you understand what God passed on in Scripture.
(c) That those who sought Augustine as a teacher will need to have conviction and determination to take on the challenges he puts before his students.
(d) That learning as much as possible is the best way to separate the individual from the common population.

Short Answer Questions

1. How will studying this subject help in understanding Scripture?

2. Why does Augustine suggest that God would use confusing signs?

3. In Book Three, Augustine argues that since holy men from scripture receive evil language from God because of their condition, how should the passages with such language be read?

4. What does Augustine reason, from the scriptural reference regarding the hazard of learning, that a student must be sure to develop.

5. In taking the challenge that Augustine presents in Book Three, how should the Christian student differentiate himself from the pagan?

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