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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the two general confusions that Augustine says come from Christians who do not differentiate themselves from pagans?
(a) Students will attempt to win supporters to their views and Christian community will be broken.
(b) Signs are treated as things and things are treated as signs.
(c) Individuals will be led to worship the creation rather than the Creator.
(d) Emotions will become the focus of worship and Christian community will crumble.

2. What is the topic of Book Three?
(a) Augustine addresses the controversy of the human filter inhibiting the interpretation of Scripture.
(b) Augustine tackles the problem of understanding signs that are ambiguous.
(c) Augustine differentiates between signs given by God and signs give by angels.
(d) Augustine details the difference of signs given to groups and signs given to individuals.

3. What facts of Scripture does Augustine set as the foundation for understanding it?
(a) The context of the miracles so they can understand the purpose of God in delivering them.
(b) All the teachings of Christ.
(c) All Scriptural history starting from creation.
(d) Objects, times, places and people referred to in Scripture and the spiritual realm of the people in Scripture.

4. What does Augustine prove from the demands he expects from his students that he began defending against critics in the Preface?
(a) That understanding Scripture requires intense and focused study so proper interpretation can be applied and demonic misleading can be avoided.
(b) That Augustine does not trust his students, therefore he plans to keep them occupied.
(c) That Augustine intends to protect the integrity of his students by dominating their time.
(d) That Augustine does not respect people who believe they do not need to study.

5. What does it mean that Augustine requires his students to have such broad knowledge to master his course?
(a) That he was preparing them for other professions should they not prove adept at teaching.
(b) That he believes that finding the meaning of scripture can only be done through intense and careful study.
(c) That he was a hard taskmaster with high expectations of his students.
(d) That learning from Augustine was all absorbing and time consuming.

Short Answer Questions

1. Since Augustine regards his disciples as "divinely instituted," what responsibility falls on his students?

2. According to Augustine, of the different forms through which the grammar types show themselves, which is, by definition, the most difficult to interpret?

3. What Augustine accomplished with his first three books from "On Christian Doctrine"?

4. What form do these grammar types take?

5. According to Augustine, to whom are commands from Scripture intended?

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