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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is an apparent contradiction regarding Augustine's expectation of students to interpretation and an omission from his commentaries in "On Christian Doctrine"?
(a) Augustine criticizes the Donatists yet he uses their theology on which to base "On Christian Doctrine."
(b) Augustine expects his students to investigate the intentions of the authors of Scripture, but he does not detail his intentions in choosing the issues on which he focuses.
(c) Augustine demands his students to spend time in seclusion and study, but does not call for the same from teachers.
(d) Augustine writes that the understanding of the principles of Christian love are sufficient to begin the interpretation of Scripture, but he spends more time examining Old Testament law.

2. What important understanding must the student of scripture possess, as stated in Book Two?
(a) His/her self love can interfere with his ability to use his inner eye.
(b) He/she must understand that knowing how to use signs can lead to abusing signs.
(c) He/she must understand that covetousness will disrupt the community.
(d) His/her own depravity and that he loves temporal things too much.

3. What does Augustine state the student must do once the figurative and literal passages have been separated from each other?
(a) The language and grammar must be checked for accuracy and similarities.
(b) The meanings must be harmonized.
(c) The background of the passages needs to be compared.
(d) A second division needs to be made separating Old Testament from New Testament.

4. What are the two types of signs in Book Two?
(a) Things or words.
(b) Literal or metaphorical.
(c) Illuminated or hidden.
(d) Angelic or demonic.

5. By making the demands of understanding Scripture difficult, who was Augustine criticizing?
(a) Those who believe that only studying the life of Christ was sufficient to understand Scripture.
(b) His detractors believed Scripture could be interpreted easily through special gifts.
(c) Those who believe that learning information outside of the Bible leads to heresy.
(d) Those who felt that Scripture could be interpreted through current events.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Augustine reason, from the scriptural reference regarding the hazard of learning, that a student must be sure to develop.

2. What form do these grammar types take?

3. Augustine writes in Book Three that in order to make the type of evaluation of the command given to the intended target, what knowledge must a student of Scripture possess?

4. In taking the challenge that Augustine presents in Book Three, how should the Christian student differentiate himself from the pagan?

5. Why does Augustine claim that words as signs are difficult to understand?

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