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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Augustine say a student should treat any evil actions or speech from characters Scriptures praise as holy?
(a) As an announcement from God of impending judgment.
(b) They must be treated as a poor interpretation and a study of the language and history of the passage must be examined.
(c) As a blasphemy against God and the character's holiness must be considered as revoked by God.
(d) As figurative language.

2. In taking the challenge that Augustine presents in Book Three, how should the Christian student differentiate himself from the pagan?
(a) Christians must be careful not to worship things as signs as pagans do.
(b) Christians must be careful not to confuse signs and things as many pagans do.
(c) Christians must be careful not to use signs to elevate oneself as pagans do.
(d) Christians must be careful not to convert personal motivations into causes of worship as pagans do.

3. According to Augustine, how can signs become ambiguous?
(a) By being things that don't appear as signs.
(b) By being words that appear as things.
(c) By being used things that are also enjoyed.
(d) By containing misunderstood words or expressions.

4. What are the mix of subjects that Augustine emphasizes in his education?
(a) Rhetoric, philosophy, logic, botany, astronomy, languages and history.
(b) The history of the Pentateuch, the laws of prophets, and the writings of the Minor Prophets.
(c) Mosaic Law, dietary law, Biblical civil law, sacrificial law, and order of the Tabernacle and Temple.
(d) Dietary law, moral law, laws of separation and laws of exclusion.

5. According to Augustine in Book Two, in order for the student to become an effective teacher, what two skills must the student master?
(a) Navigation and philosophy.
(b) Logic and rhetoric.
(c) Arts and sciences.
(d) Prophecy and signs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What Scriptural reference does Augustine make to prove his point regarding checking this hazard to learning the fields pertaining to Scripture?

2. How will studying this subject help in understanding Scripture?

3. Upon what does Augustine say the student of Scripture must rely during his studies?

4. Why does Augustine claim this knowledge is required to understand what Scripture teaches?

5. What Augustine accomplished with his first three books from "On Christian Doctrine"?

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