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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the two types of signs in Book Two?
(a) Angelic or demonic.
(b) Illuminated or hidden.
(c) Things or words.
(d) Literal or metaphorical.

2. What is the topic of Book Three?
(a) Augustine tackles the problem of understanding signs that are ambiguous.
(b) Augustine differentiates between signs given by God and signs give by angels.
(c) Augustine addresses the controversy of the human filter inhibiting the interpretation of Scripture.
(d) Augustine details the difference of signs given to groups and signs given to individuals.

3. What does Augustine state signs are regardless of whether they want to be?
(a) Given signs.
(b) Signs that are words.
(c) Natural signs.
(d) Signs that are things.

4. What does Augustine recommend as methods for handling the topic in Book Three?
(a) Theological virtue and great learning as methods of handling the problem of Book Two.
(b) Exclusive study of Scripture and submission to the proper guidance from church officials as methods of handling the problem of book two.
(c) Seclusion from secular temptations to allow for the maturation of the "inner eye" as methods of handling the problem of book two.
(d) Strict adherence to the dietary laws of Israel and understanding of prophecy as methods of handling the problem of book two.

5. According to Augustine, to whom are commands from Scripture intended?
(a) Those who can discern signs from things.
(b) Those who live in violation of God's moral standards.
(c) Those who reject God's call to action.
(d) Certain individuals or groups.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the difference between the time that God might deliver what seems to be an evil command in the Old Testament and the current time, according to Augustine?

2. According to Augustine, of the different forms through which the grammar types show themselves, which is, by definition, the most difficult to interpret?

3. What was the topic of Book Three?

4. What does Augustine state the student must do once the figurative and literal passages have been separated from each other?

5. According to Augustine in Book Two, in order for the student to become an effective teacher, what two skills must the student master?

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