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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Augustine state the student must do once the figurative and literal passages have been separated from each other?
(a) The meanings must be harmonized.
(b) The language and grammar must be checked for accuracy and similarities.
(c) The background of the passages needs to be compared.
(d) A second division needs to be made separating Old Testament from New Testament.

2. What are the two categories of signs Augustine identifies in Book Two?
(a) Signs that are things and signs that are words.
(b) Signs that are given through special gifts and signs that are given through angels.
(c) Natural signs and given signs.
(d) Signs that can be used and signs that can be enjoyed.

3. What is a requirement of Augustine's disciples?
(a) To understand God's revelation.
(b) To use their "inner eye."
(c) To use their "special gift."
(d) To identify signs and their role in Scriptural learning.

4. What is an important omission that Augustine commits as it applies to moral rules in Scripture?
(a) Augustine omits standards for interpreting Scripture.
(b) Augustine omits grammatical techniques for interpreting Scripture.
(c) Augustine omits examples of grammatical forms from Scripture.
(d) Augustine does not guide students to understand whether the moral rules of Scripture are universal or particular.

5. According to Augustine, to whom are commands from Scripture intended?
(a) Those who live in violation of God's moral standards.
(b) Those who can discern signs from things.
(c) Certain individuals or groups.
(d) Those who reject God's call to action.

Short Answer Questions

1. What ethical principle of the Bible does Augustine require for students to use as a guide for interpretation of Scripture?

2. What is a major challenge in dealing with the topic addressed in Book Three?

3. What are the two types of signs in Book Two?

4. What does Augustine state signs are regardless of whether they want to be?

5. According to Augustine in Book Two, in order for the student to become an effective teacher, what two skills must the student master?

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