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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of language from Scriptural characters must be taken literally, according to Augustine?
(a) Any speech or language that details the authority of God.
(b) Any speech or language that describes blessings for the chosen of God.
(c) Any speech or language that condemns evil and recommends love or kindness.
(d) Any speech or language that defines how a thing is a sign.

2. What are the two general confusions that Augustine says come from Christians who do not differentiate themselves from pagans?
(a) Signs are treated as things and things are treated as signs.
(b) Individuals will be led to worship the creation rather than the Creator.
(c) Emotions will become the focus of worship and Christian community will crumble.
(d) Students will attempt to win supporters to their views and Christian community will be broken.

3. Augustine writes in Book Three that in order to make the type of evaluation of the command given to the intended target, what knowledge must a student of Scripture possess?
(a) Of how God makes his will manifest.
(b) Of how God expects his laws to be applied.
(c) Of how God used a sign to foretell his command.
(d) Of the history of the event for which God is giving the command.

4. From what type of education does Augustine develop his curriculum of Scriptural learning?
(a) An ecclesiastical education.
(b) A classical education.
(c) A Nazarene education.
(d) A Hasidic education.

5. What is the significance of Augustine recommending mastery of so many fields in Book Two?
(a) Attempting to absorb so much information exercises the mind and helps the student find their special gift.
(b) Broad knowledge is needed to properly interpret Scripture.
(c) Broad knowledge helps exercise the inner eye.
(d) Learning all that God has put before the student through all history helps the student better know the mind of God.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Augustine claim that words as signs are difficult to understand?

2. What does Augustine call the types of grammar used through Scripture?

3. What does Augustine identify as a necessary subject that a student must learn to understand Scripture?

4. By making the demands of understanding Scripture difficult, who was Augustine criticizing?

5. What is a major challenge in dealing with the topic addressed in Book Three?

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