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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Augustine claim that Christian students fall into the trap that prevents them from separating themselves from pagans?
(a) They consider their ability to absorb knowledge as a special gift that makes them closer to God.
(b) They are too eager to misapply signs to inappropriate events and situations.
(c) They do not have the discipline to understand that seclusion is intended for purging human weakness and not for self-absorption.
(d) They read Scriptural passages according to their own cultural and historical biases.

2. What are the two different ways that God and angels speak in Scripture, as identified in Book Three?
(a) With cruelty and kindness.
(b) Figuratively and literally.
(c) Of signs and things.
(d) In spiritual terms and human terms.

3. Of the areas that Augustine emphasizes, what area receives the most intense focus?
(a) History, culture and languages of Biblical peoples.
(b) The role of Mosaic Law and Biblical social law in founding Israelite society.
(c) The foundations of Israelite history and the influence of prophecy on the Christian Church.
(d) Dietary law and moral law in creating stable, healthy judges, and teachers.

4. What hazard does Augustine state must one keep in check as they learn of the fields pertaining to Scripture?
(a) The accuracy of translations against original manuscripts.
(b) Eschatology against Scriptural language to prevent heresy.
(c) The pride develops with great learning.
(d) The consistency of what are considered to be signs against traditional interpretations.

5. By making the demands of understanding Scripture difficult, who was Augustine criticizing?
(a) Those who believe that learning information outside of the Bible leads to heresy.
(b) Those who believe that only studying the life of Christ was sufficient to understand Scripture.
(c) Those who felt that Scripture could be interpreted through current events.
(d) His detractors believed Scripture could be interpreted easily through special gifts.

Short Answer Questions

1. Augustine writes in Book Three that in order to make the type of evaluation of the command given to the intended target, what knowledge must a student of Scripture possess?

2. In taking the challenge that Augustine presents in Book Three, how should the Christian student differentiate himself from the pagan?

3. Based on the academic demands that Augustine places on his students, it is clear that Augustine believes what?

4. What is the topic of Book Three?

5. According to Book Two, what is the most important knowledge a student of scripture can have?

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