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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ethical principle of the Bible does Augustine require for students to use as a guide for interpretation of Scripture?
(a) The principle of the omnipotence of God.
(b) The principle of God's authority over judgment.
(c) The principle of original sin.
(d) The principle of love.

2. How does Augustine state a student should consider an evil command given to its intended target?
(a) That God is becoming intolerant of defiance against his laws.
(b) As being good for the individual or group at the time.
(c) As a sign that God will exercise an act of judgment.
(d) That God requires that his will be followed.

3. What are the two categories of signs Augustine identifies in Book Two?
(a) Signs that can be used and signs that can be enjoyed.
(b) Natural signs and given signs.
(c) Signs that are things and signs that are words.
(d) Signs that are given through special gifts and signs that are given through angels.

4. What is a requirement of Augustine's disciples?
(a) To use their "inner eye."
(b) To understand God's revelation.
(c) To use their "special gift."
(d) To identify signs and their role in Scriptural learning.

5. What is the most important step Augustine's students must take to avoid the trap he sees in interpretation?
(a) Students need to submit themselves to the scrutiny of a wise teacher who can dissuade them from becoming prideful.
(b) Students need to differentiate the love for God from the love for things common among the pagans.
(c) Students need to submit themselves to the process of purging their selfish desires.
(d) Students need to devote themselves to studying the subjects Augustine recommended in Book Two.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the two different ways that God and angels speak in Scripture, as identified in Book Three?

2. What are some of the practices of these categories in which humans must not participate?

3. What does it mean that Augustine requires his students to have such broad knowledge to master his course?

4. What does Augustine state the student must do once the figurative and literal passages have been separated from each other?

5. By the end of Book Two, Augustine devoted much of this text to refuting critics who believe Scriptural interpretation comes simply. What does this infer of Augustine's methods of debate?

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