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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what prediction does Augustine start "On Christian Doctrine"?
(a) God will assure that the Church will become the primary social force in the world.
(b) The work will face three kinds of criticism.
(c) Christians will gather around a uniform doctrine.
(d) Christians will transform society through piety and rhetorical skill.

2. What is the second important distinction that Augustine makes in Book One?
(a) The distinction between things and signs.
(b) The distinction between encouraging and exhortation.
(c) The distinction between enjoy and use.
(d) The distinction between Christian love and pagan love.

3. What does Augustine recommend to avoid the negative influences on individual thought?
(a) Isolating from temptations.
(b) Regular participation in church activities.
(c) Paying careful attention to rules for Scriptural learning.
(d) Devoting regular time in prayer to become sensitive to Divine guidance.

4. What other subject does Augustine addresses in Book Three and Book Four?
(a) Understanding how scripture develops community.
(b) Teaching the doctrines of Scripture.
(c) Understanding how to convey what one learned from Scripture.
(d) Understanding how to learn from Scripture.

5. What is the subject that Augustine addresses in Book One and Book Two?
(a) Understanding how to convey Scripture.
(b) Finding what to learn from Scripture.
(c) Understanding what one should learn from Scripture.
(d) Finding a place in a Scriptural community.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the second type of criticism that Augustine suggests "On Christian Doctrine" would face?

2. According to Augustine, for what reason should one love oneself?

3. What is Augustine's attitude toward those who have a "special gift" for interpretation from God?

4. What does Augustine reason is the consequence to human teaching if learning comes from Divine gifts?

5. How does Augustine characterize the argument that his teaching is not needed because it comes from a human source?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the criticisms that Augustine predicts he will face over "On Christian Doctrine"?

2. What relationship does Augustine write humans should have with God? What does Augustine write must humans do before they can enter this relationship?

3. What doctrine do Augustine's critics apply to interpreting Scripture?

4. According to Augustine, how are words as signs difficult to understand?

5. What is a point that Augustine makes about the love of God that confronts his critics that claim "special gifts" needed to interpret scripture?

6. What does Augustine identifies as three things that students need to use to develop responsible interpretations of Scripture?

7. What term does Augustine apply to the subjects he recommends for study to learn Scriptural interpretation and why does he use this term?

8. What does Augustine focus on in Book Four?

9. What question does Augustine raise to those who believe that Scriptural interpretation can only be learned from "special gifts"?

10. What does Augustine recommend to the pastor who cannot acquire the skill of rhetoric?

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