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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Augustine's attitude toward those who have a "special gift" for interpretation from God?
(a) Augustine considers himself as one.
(b) God will appoint them to a position of authority.
(c) They are blessed.
(d) Such "gifts" were exhausted at Pentecost.

2. What Scriptural defense does Augustine use for encouraging critics to consider the validity of "On Christian Doctrine"?
(a) Augustine argues, in his blending of Greek and Christian thoughts, that Scripture contains many examples of God using pagans to exhibit his will.
(b) Augustine argues that Scripture is the foundation of his writing, so his effort is divinely inspired.
(c) Augustine argues that Scripture contains many examples of people teaching others.
(d) Augustine argues that Scripture does not negate any teaching extrapolated from Scripture.

3. Who does Augustine suggest has the ability to know the Truth?
(a) All minds joined in community.
(b) Minds God endowed with special gifts.
(c) Illuminated minds.
(d) All minds.

4. What items or situations does Augustine use to illustrate his distinction of things?
(a) The relationship between God and Lucifer from the story of Job.
(b) The fall of Adam in Genesis and the murder of Able by Cain.
(c) A good meal and a pot.
(d) The questions from critics who do not understand and the examples of what is perceived to be special gifts.

5. Of these influences on personal thought, which does Augustine claim Scripture teaches can lead a Christian to positive patterns?
(a) That Priests are a model of what St. Paul inferred in Hebrews was the "Priesthood of Believers," and are therefore a legitimate source of guidance.
(b) That God uses angels to direct men to human communities to learn.
(c) That "leaving and cleaving" that forms marriage is a reflection of God's character.
(d) That God always calls His chosen people to work productively.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Augustine claim is the consequence of refusing to learn in a proper setting for Scriptural learning?

2. What are the two main tools that God uses to teach men what to do, as identified by Augustine?

3. When Augustine focuses on one of the types of criticism he expects to receive, what does he suggest to the reader?

4. What are the three things that Augustine claims that interpretations of Scripture should build up?

5. Of these influences on individual thought, which does Augustine claim Scripture teaches are negative to Christian thought?

Short Essay Questions

1. What self-knowledge does Augustine write that students need and what steps does Augustine suggest for them to overcome the limits of that self-knowledge to learn to interpret Scripture?

2. Augustine refutes his critics from the Preface with a common example. What was that example and how does Augustine use it to support his position?

3. What are the tasks of the orator according to Cicero?

4. What are the seven rules of interpretation that Augustine used from Tyconius' book of Rules?

5. What is Augustine's focus in Book Two?

6. What does Augustine claim are the two types of signs and how are they defined?

7. What does Augustine identify as the two types of passages interpreted from Scripture?

8. What does Augustine identifies as three things that students need to use to develop responsible interpretations of Scripture?

9. To what sect of Christianity did Tyconius belong and and why is it ironic that Augustine references his rules of interpretation?

10. How does Cicero detail an orator speaking in proportion with the gravity of the subject matter?

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