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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Augustine use to illustrate a thing to be enjoyed?
(a) A delicious meal.
(b) The pot for cooking a delicious meal.
(c) The special gift that enables one to cook a delicious meal.
(d) The gathering of friends who come to share a delicious meal.

2. What should be the nature of the relationship between humans and God according to Augustine?
(a) Humans should fear the authority of God over judgment.
(b) Humans should become like God.
(c) Humans should submit to God's authority.
(d) God should be enjoyed by humans.

3. According to Augustine, how should a student be affected as he/she becomes proficient in interpreting Scripture?
(a) He/she will help in developing an understanding of God's motivations.
(b) He/she will increase the love that one feels.
(c) He/she will help develop a student's teaching skill.
(d) He/she will help to apply the principles of community.

4. Based on Augustine's Preface, what is the perception of critics toward learning?
(a) They do not need aids for interpretation such as those Augustine offers.
(b) Reliable interpretation can come from a situational application.
(c) The most reliable aids for interpretation are writings from individuals directly connected to the authors of Scriptures.
(d) The most reliable aids for interpretation are from Scripture themselves.

5. How are things separated by Augustine?
(a) Categories of things that are things and things that are signs.
(b) Categories of things under God's authority and things that are sinful.
(c) Categories of things that are Biblical and things that are non-Biblical.
(d) Categories of things that are enjoyed and things that are used.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of these influences on individual thought, which does Augustine claim Scripture teaches are negative to Christian thought?

2. What does Augustine use to illustrate a thing to be used?

3. What is the source of teaching Augustine most advocates?

4. What basic fact do the critics discussed in the Preface ignore by discounting teaching from Augustine and others?

5. How does Augustine describe humans?

Short Essay Questions

1. What Christian virtue does Augustine claim that can keep negative traits in check?

2. What is Augustine's focus in Book Two?

3. What does Augustine claim an interpreter must consider regarding the author of Scripture to make a correct interpretation?

4. What does Augustine claim is one of the causes of a sign's ambiguity?

5. According to Augustine, how are words as signs difficult to understand?

6. What are the seven rules of interpretation that Augustine used from Tyconius' book of Rules?

7. How does Augustine suggest interpretations of Scripture should affect the subject about which he wants to answer many questions and how should that affect the student seeking to interpret Scripture?

8. What does Augustine require that Christian speakers should avoid, but focus on?

9. What term does Augustine apply to the subjects he recommends for study to learn Scriptural interpretation and why does he use this term?

10. Why does Augustine believe that God will aid him in his teaching about learning and communicating Scripture?

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