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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Augustine compare his distinction of things?
(a) To that between human nature and original sin.
(b) To that between instrumental and intrinsic good.
(c) To that between God and Lucifer.
(d) To that between critics who do not understand and critics who believe in "special gifts."

2. In approaching this distinction, what is Augustine's first focus in Book One?
(a) On things as things.
(b) On "special gifts."
(c) On original sin.
(d) On sins of omission.

3. What setting does Augustine recommend for sound Scriptural learning?
(a) A private audience with a well-trained Priest.
(b) A properly sanctioned site of Scriptural education.
(c) An ecclesiastical structure.
(d) Human communities.

4. According to Augustine, for what reason should one love oneself?
(a) One should only love oneself if God endowed him with understanding for interpretation.
(b) One should only love oneself on account of God.
(c) One should only love oneself if they can discern signs from things.
(d) One should only love oneself if they have seen illuminated truth.

5. How does Augustine expect to get the knowledge that he lacks?
(a) He will confer closely with other learned Priests.
(b) God will give him the knowledge that he lacks.
(c) He will extensively study in the library at Hippo Regius.
(d) He will collaborate with members of his church community.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Augustine consider as God's typical means of delivering His illumination?

2. What does Augustine encourage his critics to remember in the Preface?

3. How does Augustine characterize things in Book One?

4. What doctrine does Augustine introduce to explain how Truth can be seen?

5. What Scriptural defense does Augustine use for encouraging critics to consider the validity of "On Christian Doctrine"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Upon which type of critics does Augustine focus his attention in the preface?

2. What categories does Augustine use to define spheres of natural knowledge?

3. How many types of criticism does Augustine predict he will face over "On Christian Doctrine"?

4. What inference can be made from the extensive training that Augustine recommends to interpret Scripture?

5. Why does Augustine suggest that the critics he focuses on in the Preface do not believe his teaching is necessary?

6. Why does Augustine claim the topic of Book Three is so difficult?

7. What relationship does Augustine write humans should have with God? What does Augustine write must humans do before they can enter this relationship?

8. What is a technique that Augustine uses to determine the meaning of a passage that cannot be discovered by simply reading the passage?

9. What self-knowledge does Augustine write that students need and what steps does Augustine suggest for them to overcome the limits of that self-knowledge to learn to interpret Scripture?

10. What is Augustine's focus in Book One?

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