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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a requirement of Augustine's disciples?
(a) To understand God's revelation.
(b) To use their "special gift."
(c) To use their "inner eye."
(d) To identify signs and their role in Scriptural learning.

2. How does Augustine characterize things in Book One?
(a) They are the items that God puts before Christians to use.
(b) They are all items that fall under God's authority.
(c) They are ordinary objects that are not used to signify something.
(d) They are the items that God puts before Christians to enjoy.

3. What basic fact do the critics discussed in the Preface ignore by discounting teaching from Augustine and others?
(a) Many writers have intensely studied Scriptures and have left their impressions for their use.
(b) The fact that they learned important tools, such as the alphabet, from other humans.
(c) Trial and error application often give non-Christians the opportunity to "mock God."
(d) The works of writers closer to the time of the authors of Scripture are frequently incomplete, disjointed, and often unverifiable.

4. What are the two main tools that God uses to teach men what to do, as identified by Augustine?
(a) Priests and Rabbis
(b) Wars and rumors of wars.
(c) Angels and human communities.
(d) Scripture and nature.

5. According to Augustine, how should a student be affected as he/she becomes proficient in interpreting Scripture?
(a) He/she will help in developing an understanding of God's motivations.
(b) He/she will help develop a student's teaching skill.
(c) He/she will help to apply the principles of community.
(d) He/she will increase the love that one feels.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Augustine conclude are the only things that can be enjoyed?

2. What is the primary tool for interpretation for the critics that Augustine primarily focuses on in the Preface?

3. What are the two primary reasons that Augustine devotes his time to those questions?

4. What was the second type of criticism that Augustine suggests "On Christian Doctrine" would face?

5. In approaching this distinction, what is Augustine's first focus in Book One?

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