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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book One.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Augustine claim to be the central law of love and the message of Christianity?
(a) That the one illuminated truth is to love thy neighbor who loves God.
(b) That one should find illuminated truth to love God and thy neighbor.
(c) That one thing that is illuminated truth is loving God and then thy neighbor.
(d) That one should love God and love thy neighbor.

2. What is Augustine's perception of God's dispensation of "special gifts" of interpreting Scripture?
(a) Dispensing of such gifts is atypical.
(b) That they precede periods of peace and prosperity.
(c) That they follow periods of oppression of those seeking His blessings.
(d) That they follow miraculous events.

3. What doctrine does Augustine introduce to explain how Truth can be seen?
(a) The doctrine of "things and signs" helps an individual know which things and signs illuminate eternal truths.
(b) The doctrine of the "inner eye" that can see eternal truths even when tainted by sin because it is illuminated by God.
(c) The doctrine of "community vision" is achieved when individuals join their desires to seek eternal truths illuminated by God.
(d) The doctrine of "special gifts of seeing" that God grants when individuals seek eternal truths illuminated by God.

4. How are things separated by Augustine?
(a) Categories of things that are enjoyed and things that are used.
(b) Categories of things that are Biblical and things that are non-Biblical.
(c) Categories of things under God's authority and things that are sinful.
(d) Categories of things that are things and things that are signs.

5. What basic fact do the critics discussed in the Preface ignore by discounting teaching from Augustine and others?
(a) Many writers have intensely studied Scriptures and have left their impressions for their use.
(b) Trial and error application often give non-Christians the opportunity to "mock God."
(c) The works of writers closer to the time of the authors of Scripture are frequently incomplete, disjointed, and often unverifiable.
(d) The fact that they learned important tools, such as the alphabet, from other humans.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the nature of the second important distinction Augustine identifies in Book One?

2. What does Augustine consider to be the ultimate thing to be enjoyed?

3. What are the two main tools that God uses to teach men what to do, as identified by Augustine?

4. How does Augustine relate Truth and God?

5. In Augustine's example, how can something used also be enjoyed?

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