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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Four.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the difference between the time that God might deliver what seems to be an evil command in the Old Testament and the current time, according to Augustine?
(a) They could not be done without sinful intent at the time of Augustine's writing.
(b) They were taken by those who recorded God's law directly from the source.
(c) They were taken by people to whom God gave his orders directly.
(d) They were taken by those who clearly understood God's signs.

2. What does Augustine say is the requirement of the Christian speaker who relies on others to write their sermons?
(a) That they compensate their sermon writers generously.
(b) That they publicly recognize those who wrote their sermons.
(c) That they live uprightly.
(d) That they receive assurances that their sermon writers have taken Augustine's proscribed course of study.

3. What Augustine accomplished with his first three books from "On Christian Doctrine"?
(a) He identified the difference between his line of reasoning and those who criticize his views.
(b) He established a beginning set of exegetical principles.
(c) He set out an intimidating course of study that only the serious student of Scripture will be willing to consider.
(d) He left out important details that could be useful in the interpretation of Scripture.

4. What is the subject that Augustine addresses in Book One and Book Two?
(a) Finding a place in a Scriptural community.
(b) Finding what to learn from Scripture.
(c) Understanding how to convey Scripture.
(d) Understanding what one should learn from Scripture.

5. What is the second important distinction that Augustine makes in Book One?
(a) The distinction between enjoy and use.
(b) The distinction between things and signs.
(c) The distinction between encouraging and exhortation.
(d) The distinction between Christian love and pagan love.

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon what does Augustine focus most of his efforts in the Preface of "On Christian Doctrine"?

2. Whose sermons does Augustine investigate to give illustrations of the application of the rules of delivering sermons?

3. What does Augustine claim is the consequence of refusing to learn in a proper setting for Scriptural learning?

4. What does Augustine state an interpreter sometimes looks to to get the right meanings and right number of meanings from a passage?

5. Based on the academic demands that Augustine places on his students, it is clear that Augustine believes what?

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