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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Four.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Based on the academic demands that Augustine places on his students, it is clear that Augustine believes what?
(a) That God is the master of all creation and language and the more you know of each the better you understand what God passed on in Scripture.
(b) That those who sought Augustine as a teacher will need to have conviction and determination to take on the challenges he puts before his students.
(c) That learning as much as possible is the best way to separate the individual from the common population.
(d) That personal discipline and focusing on things outside of the body helps build chastity and humility.

2. What is the topic of Book Three?
(a) Augustine details the difference of signs given to groups and signs given to individuals.
(b) Augustine addresses the controversy of the human filter inhibiting the interpretation of Scripture.
(c) Augustine tackles the problem of understanding signs that are ambiguous.
(d) Augustine differentiates between signs given by God and signs give by angels.

3. What is the moral value of public speaking, according to Augustine in Book Four?
(a) Public speaking is inherently evil since it can lead to the deliverer to feel"...puffed up."
(b) Delivering Scriptural sermons is a morally cleansing experience since it calls the speaker to integrity.
(c) Public speaking shows that the student developed a moral quality that allows public attention.
(d) Public speaking is morally neutral.

4. Upon what does Augustine say the student of Scripture must rely during his studies?
(a) The student must rely heavily on experts.
(b) The student must rely on translations of manuscripts of Scripture.
(c) The student must rely on experience.
(d) The student must rely heavily on manuscripts of Scripture.

5. How should correct Scriptural interpretations be delivered, according to Augustine?
(a) With authority.
(b) With the leading of the Holy Spirit.
(c) With force and conviction.
(d) With humility.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Augustine say the speaker is going to know if their interpretation of Scripture is correct?

2. What is the logical inconsistency of the critics that Augustine confronts in the Preface?

3. How does Augustine characterize the argument that his teaching is not needed because it comes from a human source?

4. In Book Three, Augustine argues that since holy men from scripture receive evil language from God because of their condition, how should the passages with such language be read?

5. What is the doctrine that Augustine claims critics of human teaching defend?

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