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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book One.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the third type of criticism that Augustine suggests "On Christian Doctrine" would face?
(a) Criticism from those who claim that Augustine relied too much on training and not enough on divine guidance.
(b) Criticism that his demands for linguistic studies were too exclusive.
(c) Criticism from those who believe it is not needed.
(d) Criticism from those who cannot grasp his teaching.

2. To what does Augustine compare his distinction of things?
(a) To that between God and Lucifer.
(b) To that between critics who do not understand and critics who believe in "special gifts."
(c) To that between instrumental and intrinsic good.
(d) To that between human nature and original sin.

3. What are the two primary reasons that Augustine devotes his time to those questions?
(a) God's omnipotence establishes His authority over creation and judgment.
(b) Because Scriptural infallibility affirms God's role in miracles and prophesy.
(c) The two commandments of Christianity to love God and to love one's neighbor.
(d) The Christian conception of Christ's deity explains His resurrection and authority over forgiveness.

4. How does Augustine use the items of his example to illustrate his distinction?
(a) That Lucifer sought to discredit Job's faith, but God realized the depth of Job's convictions.
(b) That critics who do not understand show a lack of interest to discover, but those who believe in special gifts use a false faith to rationalize their lack of interest.
(c) The meal is enjoyed, but the pot is used.
(d) That Adam made the choice of sin, but Cain responded out of the impulse passed to him from Adam's choice.

5. What does Augustine identify as the relationship between all other things and the object of ultimate worship?
(a) Other things are intended to be used as a means of exhibiting Christian love.
(b) All other things are used as a means to enjoy the Trinity.
(c) Other things are intended to be used as a means of exhibiting Christian love.
(d) All other things can be used for God's purposes through the application of special gifts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Augustine's attitude toward those who have a "special gift" for interpretation from God?

2. What is an important distinction that Augustine teaches students to understand through three Books of "On Christian Doctrine?

3. What is the subject that Augustine addresses in Book One and Book Two?

4. With what prediction does Augustine start "On Christian Doctrine"?

5. What items or situations does Augustine use to illustrate his distinction of things?

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