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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book One.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Augustine use the items of his example to illustrate his distinction?
(a) The meal is enjoyed, but the pot is used.
(b) That Lucifer sought to discredit Job's faith, but God realized the depth of Job's convictions.
(c) That Adam made the choice of sin, but Cain responded out of the impulse passed to him from Adam's choice.
(d) That critics who do not understand show a lack of interest to discover, but those who believe in special gifts use a false faith to rationalize their lack of interest.

2. In Augustine's example, how can something used also be enjoyed?
(a) A friend with the special gift to cook a delicious meal can be enjoyed for their company.
(b) The community that develops for a delicious meal can be enjoyed.
(c) Friends who gather for community can enjoy the delicious meal.
(d) The shine and sturdiness of a pot or pan can be enjoyed.

3. What does Augustine identify as the relationship between all other things and the object of ultimate worship?
(a) Other things are intended to be used as a means of exhibiting Christian love.
(b) Other things are intended to be used as a means of exhibiting Christian love.
(c) All other things can be used for God's purposes through the application of special gifts.
(d) All other things are used as a means to enjoy the Trinity.

4. What is the step that Augustine identifies an individual should take before entering into a proper relationship with God?
(a) An individual must leave their mother and father and cleave to the Church.
(b) An individual's eyes must be purged and God's plan and healing must be followed.
(c) An individual must sell all possessions and give the money to the Priest.
(d) An individual must repent of their sins and be baptized.

5. How are things separated by Augustine?
(a) Categories of things that are enjoyed and things that are used.
(b) Categories of things that are Biblical and things that are non-Biblical.
(c) Categories of things under God's authority and things that are sinful.
(d) Categories of things that are things and things that are signs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What Scriptural defense does Augustine use for encouraging critics to consider the validity of "On Christian Doctrine"?

2. When Augustine focuses on one of the types of criticism he expects to receive, what does he suggest to the reader?

3. What does Augustine consider to be the ultimate thing to be enjoyed?

4. Augustine wrote that the critics he mainly focuses on in the Preface base their positions on what belief?

5. Why does Augustine expect the method of accessing knowledge he lacks to be successful?

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