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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Based on Augustine's Preface, what is the perception of critics toward learning?
(a) Reliable interpretation can come from a situational application.
(b) The most reliable aids for interpretation are from Scripture themselves.
(c) The most reliable aids for interpretation are writings from individuals directly connected to the authors of Scriptures.
(d) They do not need aids for interpretation such as those Augustine offers.

2. Why does Augustine expect the method of accessing knowledge he lacks to be successful?
(a) Augustine has great respect for other learned Priests within his sphere.
(b) Augustine is familiar with the classification system of the library at Hippo Regius.
(c) Augustine believes God guides those who gather in Christian community.
(d) Augustine believes that God will give to him because God gives to those who "give away," as does Augustine when he teaches.

3. What should be the nature of the relationship between humans and God according to Augustine?
(a) Humans should submit to God's authority.
(b) Humans should fear the authority of God over judgment.
(c) Humans should become like God.
(d) God should be enjoyed by humans.

4. What are the three things that Augustine claims that interpretations of Scripture should build up?
(a) The inner eye, love, and illuminated truth.
(b) Special gifts, community, and signs.
(c) Faith, hope and love.
(d) Hope, signs, and the inner eye.

5. With what prediction does Augustine start "On Christian Doctrine"?
(a) Christians will transform society through piety and rhetorical skill.
(b) God will assure that the Church will become the primary social force in the world.
(c) The work will face three kinds of criticism.
(d) Christians will gather around a uniform doctrine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the second important distinction that Augustine makes in Book One?

2. Since Augustine regards his disciples as "divinely instituted," what responsibility falls on his students?

3. According to Augustine, how can signs become ambiguous?

4. By the end of Book Two, Augustine devoted much of this text to refuting critics who believe Scriptural interpretation comes simply. What does this infer of Augustine's methods of debate?

5. How does Augustine describe humans?

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