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Christendom - This is the area of the world largely controlled by the people to whom Augustine is writing.

Scripture - These are the sixty-six books that contain the revelation of God.

Tropes - These are types of grammar, such as allegories, irony and parables that must be understood to grasp the meaning God's revelation.

The Pulpit - This is the place where Christian orators speak within a gathering of Christians.

Divinely Instituted Subjects - These are the areas of study required to understand the revelation of God, including, but not limited to astronomy, botany, philosophy, logic, rhetoric, grammar, and foreign languages.

Signs - A word functions only as this sort of symbol. Understanding this type of symbol is crucial to any proper reading of God's revelation.

Things - These are symbols that are real entities and do not represent other items.

Figurative Passages - These...

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