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Objective: Preface Augustine is considered one of the most influential early Christian thinkers who merged Judeo-Christian doctrine with Greek philosophies. In "On Christian Doctrine," Augustine sets out a plan for learning that enables aspiring pastors to provide thought-provoking interpretations of Scripture. The book seems to acts as a rebuttal to those within the Roman Catholic Church who believed that human teaching was not needed, but only divine guidance through "special gifts" was sufficient to understand Scripture. This lesson focuses on understanding Augustine's focus and motivations through the technique SOAPSTone.

1. Individual Activity: SOAPSTone Augustine's Preface to "On Christian Doctrine." Use the SOAPSTone technique to break down the piece (SOAPSTone stands for Subject, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, Speaker, and Tone):
a. What was the Subject of the Preface?
b. What was the Occasion for writing the Preface?
c. Who was the Audience Augustine was trying to reach with the Preface...

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