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Short Answer Questions

1. This person went on to serve in which U.S. government position?

2. According to Mao, the world is not ____.

3. Zhou was a die-hard Mao loyalist for ___ years.

4. The meetings with Mao and Zhou took place in which year?

5. At that time ____ was considered to be out of fashion.

Short Essay Questions

1. Mao had two main choices of leadership. What were they?

2. What was Mao's opinion on Communism in the Chinese culture? What movements did it create?

3. Who stepped in after Zhou bowed out of the political race?

4. Mao presented a new sense of warmth toward the United States Where was this most noticeable? How did Mao now present the relationship between China and the United States?

5. Kissinger says that Mao liked to speak in parables. What was Mao's message?

6. How did Mao combat his weakened position in the triumvirate?

7. How did China change in the first two decades after it became a Republic?

8. Zhou would not last long in the political arena. Why?

9. What changed in Russia in the mid-1950s? What caused the change?

10. How did the changes in government personnel change Sino-United States. relationships?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Kissinger took his 40 years experience in working with China to present this book. Kissinger writes:

"This book is an effort, based in part on conversations with Chinese leaders, to explain the conceptual way the Chinese think about problems of peace and war and international order, and its relationship to the more pragmatic, case-by-case American approach. Different histories and cultures produce occasionally divergent conclusions. I do not always agree with the Chinese perspective, nor will every reader. But it is necessary to understand it, since China will play such a big role in the world that is emerging in the twenty-first century." (Preface, p. 11)

Why do you think the book was so important to Kissinger? Do you think it will change the American perception of the country? How can it help to bring the two countries closer together? How could Kissinger write about such a sensitive topic? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Write an opinion on the future of the United States economy and how it is/will be affected by China. How has the United States relied on China in recent years during times of economic downturn? How might China help the United States during periods of economic recovery? What might China want in return? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the long and illustrious career of Henry Kissinger. How effective was Kissinger as Secretary of State? What are the man's opinions about the modern state of affairs between the United States and China? What else has Kissinger done in government? When did he retire? What other books have been written by Kissinger?

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