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Prologue; Preface; Chapters 1-2

• Kissinger states his role as a diplomat to China.
• History of China is explored.
• Yellow Emperor is discussed.
• China was the first country to undertake naval exploration.

• Zheng He is introduced.
• China is ruled by the Mandate of Heaven.

• Confucius is introduced.
• China's tendency toward isolation and war are discussed.

Chapters 3-5

• From Preeminence to Decline
• Wei Yuan's Blueprint: "Using Barbarians Against Barbarians," Learning Their Techniques

• The Erosion of Authority: Domestic Upheavals and the Challenge of Foreign Encroachments

• Managing Decline

• The Challenge of Japan
• The Boxer Uprising and the New Era of Warring States

• Mao's Continuous Revolution

• Mao and the Great Harmony
• Mao and International Relations: The Empty City Stratagem, Chinese Deterrence, and the Quest for Psychological Advantage

• The Continuous Revolution and the Chinese People
• Triangular Diplomacy and the Korean War

• Kim Il-sung and the Outbreak of War
• American Intervention: Resisting Aggression

• Chinese Reactions...

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