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Short Answer Questions

1. Where will Zane go if he makes a bad job of being Death?

2. Where does Mortis take Zane at the beginning of Chapter 5?

3. Which two souls does Zane decide not to classify?

4. Who does Luna say she sold herself to?

5. Where does Zane send Tad's soul?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Fate say are Zane's duties as Death?

2. How does Zane get together a performance for the old man?

3. In what way is Zane's television in his new house different to normal televisions?

4. Why does the Magician say he is pleased to be spending time in Purgatory?

5. How does Mars defend war?

6. Why can even babies have souls balanced towards evil?

7. How does Zane kill Death?

8. What does Zane confess to Luna in Chapter 5?

9. What does the Nurse explain about the boy?

10. How does Death's bracelet help Zane?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Anthony gives some of his main characters religious and mythological names. Pick one of the following religious and examine what meaning their name gives to their character and the story in general.

1. Fate.

2. Luna.

3. Chronos.

Essay Topic 2

Examine earth from Anthony's idea that everyone is cloned and has a collective conscience.

1. How would it affect people's relationships with each other?

2. How would it benefit the government?

3. Who do you think the government would choose to clone and why?

Essay Topic 3

How does Anthony represent black magic in the novel? How accurate is Anthony's representation of black magic? How does he use the story and character to create his representation?

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