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Mess o' Pottage

This is a store that sells magic stones. The proprietor convinces Zane to lead him to love using a lovestone in exchange for a worthless wealthstone.

The Wealthstone, Lovestone, and Deathstone

At Mess o' Pottage, the proprietor shows Zane three stones. One shows that Zane will soon encounter a great love. The second says that Zane will soon encounter death and the third finds a penny on Zane's shoe.


This is the city where Zane lives. The ghost of Molly Malone has been magically summoned to the city as a mascot.

Death's Scythe

This is magical and easily slices through Hellhounds. It is hollow and Zane uses it to breathe air when enclosed in a suffocation spell.

Death's Watch

This has one button that delays a person's death and another button that allows Zane to stop all time.

Death's Cloak, Gloves, and Shoes


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