On a Pale Horse Character Descriptions

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He is both overcome by guilt and driven by compassion. He is willing to sacrifice his soul and to sin in order to alleviate suffering for fellow human beings.

Luna Kaftan

She loves her father dearly and also respects him. This love and respect for her father overrides all of her other instincts, including self-preservation.


This character portrays Hell as a place where sinners learn to repent their evil and are therefore cleansed to go to Heaven. Ultimately, this character is a bully and a blusterer.

The Stone Seller

The proprietor of Mess o' Pottage, he tricks Zane into giving up his fated love, Angelica.


Zane is depressed at missing his chance at the beautiful and apparently wealthy woman. In his imagination, she has nothing but good qualities.

Molly Malone

She is the ghost of an Irish fishmonger who roams the streets of...

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