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Chapter 1, To Buy a Stone

• Zane is in Mess o'Pottage, a store that sells magic stones. The storekeeper makes a deal with Zane. If Zane can lead him to his potential love, the storekeeper will give him a wealth stone.

• Using a love stone to guide him, Zane travels on his magic carpet. On a carpet in front of him sits a woman called Angelica. Her carpet falters and she falls. Zane goes to save her, but the storekeeper gets there first. She was Zane fated love.
• On the way back to his apartment, Zane sees a mugger attacking Molly Malone. He pulls him off and uses the mugger's own gun to shoot him. Molly offers her body in thanks, but Zane refuses.

• Zane arrives home to find out he been evicted for non-payment of his rent. He tries to use his wealth stone, but it only conjures...

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