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Kevin Henkes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a random thought that comes to Martha as she thinks in a poetic mindset?
(a) Can you put the sea in a bottle.
(b) Does a person's soul ever die.
(c) Why do people hurt other people?
(d) Can you love somebody too much.

2. What does Vince say about Jimmy during dinner?
(a) He broke his leg today.
(b) He isn't a nice person.
(c) He is going to boarding school.
(d) He is his best friend.

3. What does Martha yell when she returns to her house?
(a) Sorry I'm late.
(b) I'm hungry.
(c) I'm home.
(d) Anybody home.

4. What does Vince eat for a snack during the game?
(a) Jelly beans.
(b) Ice cream.
(c) Popcorn.
(d) Potato chips.

5. Where did Godbee get the idea to fill the baby food jars?
(a) In a movie.
(b) In a TV program.
(c) In a book.
(d) In a dream.

6. Why does Godbee placed the filled baby food jars on the window sills?
(a) She doesn't want them to get broken.
(b) No one can reach them without a stool.
(c) They are to be saved for special occasions.
(d) The sunlight will make colored patches in the roon.

7. Martha re-reads Olive's journal page, focusing on the statement about wanting to go to ____________________.
(a) a real ocean.
(b) the moon.
(c) a theme park.
(d) the mountains.

8. In Chapter 48, Martha makes a note for her book that states that James has _________________________.
(a) a brain the size of a microbe.
(b) epic film talent.
(c) a really bad temper.
(d) a killer smile.

9. What place does the family visit two days before leaving Godbee's house?
(a) The Knob.
(b) Americana Theme Park.
(c) Sea World.
(d) The Seahorse.

10. What does Alice warn Martha about before the family goes out to dinner?
(a) To put on a dress.
(b) Not to chew gum in the restaurant.
(c) To turn off her cell phone.
(d) Not to argue with Vince.

11. For which holiday does Martha plan to return to visit Godbee?
(a) Thanksgiving.
(b) Summer vacation.
(c) Christmas.
(d) Easter.

12. What is Jimmy's dream?
(a) To be an astronaut.
(b) To be an actor.
(c) To be a filmmaker.
(d) To be a surgeon.

13. Why can Martha not keep the kiss a secret?
(a) Jimmy has a big mouth.
(b) Vince will tell everybody.
(c) A group of people saw them together.
(d) Jimmy filmed it.

14. What does Godbee tell Martha she does when she is feeling sad?
(a) She drives down the coast.
(b) She reads the Bible.
(c) She listens to music.
(d) She thinks of someone in a worse situation.

15. What does Martha do to Lucy at the beach?
(a) Buys her a snow cone.
(b) Buries her up to her neck in sand.
(c) Puts sunscreen on her.
(d) Lets her float on a raft.

Short Answer Questions

1. Godbee says that holding on to Martha's letter helps her to be ________________.

2. When does Tate finally get to Godbee's house?

3. Who is the new character Martha introduces into her book about Olive in Chapter 34?

4. Who is waiting on Godbee's porch when the family returns from dinner?

5. What does Martha tell her father when they arrive home?

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