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Kevin Henkes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What question does Jimmy ask Martha in Chapter 39?
(a) If she has ever been kissed.
(b) If she will go to the bonfire with him.
(c) If she will carry his camera.
(d) If she will shoot some video of him surfing.

2. How does Martha feel about Vince's comment about Jimmy in #117?
(a) It makes her happy.
(b) It infuriates her.
(c) It embarrasses her.
(d) It makes her laugh.

3. Why is Martha especially sad to leave Godbee this time?
(a) She didn't get to spend enough time with her.
(b) She sees Godbee crying.
(c) She is afraid Godbee will die.
(d) She knows she won't be back next Summer.

4. What comment does an adult make about Martha and Jimmy that makes them both angry?
(a) A comment about young love.
(b) A comment about how skinny they are.
(c) A comment about unkempt hair.
(d) A comment about t-shirts with sayings on them.

5. What color is the bedroom Martha uses when visiting Godbee?
(a) Beige.
(b) Yellow.
(c) Blue.
(d) Pink.

6. Why does Vince say that he has not mentioned the video kiss?
(a) He didn't want their parents to get mad.
(b) He was embarrassed to have her for a sister.
(c) He wasn't sure if Martha knew about it.
(d) It would be best for Martha.

7. Why does Godbee placed the filled baby food jars on the window sills?
(a) No one can reach them without a stool.
(b) They are to be saved for special occasions.
(c) The sunlight will make colored patches in the roon.
(d) She doesn't want them to get broken.

8. What does Martha realize as she paints on the sidewalk?
(a) She was silly to bring the water from the ocean.
(b) No one will ever remember Olive.
(c) She would be Olive's friend if given the opportunity.
(d) She will take another stab at writing the book about Olive.

9. Why can Martha not keep the kiss a secret?
(a) A group of people saw them together.
(b) Jimmy filmed it.
(c) Jimmy has a big mouth.
(d) Vince will tell everybody.

10. What does Martha write on the sidewalk in front of Olive's old house, using a paintbrush and the ocean water?
(a) Olive.
(b) Home.
(c) Love.
(d) Tate.

11. What does Martha say about Olive as Jimmy records her statements?
(a) She was a gawky girl.
(b) She was her best friend.
(c) She didn't know who she was.
(d) Twelve is too young to die.

12. The man in #173 says that he is haunted by Olive who was always alone and ______________________.
(a) always carried a notebook.
(b) always looked sad.
(c) always hung her head.
(d) always smiled at everyone.

13. What is Martha going to do with the jar of ocean water she collects?
(a) Pour it on Jimmy's video tape.
(b) Put it on a shelf in her room.
(c) Give it to Olive's mother.
(d) Use it for a science experiment.

14. When does Tate finally get to Godbee's house?
(a) As Martha is packing her things.
(b) As Martha and her family are leaving.
(c) At breakfast time.
(d) After Marthat and her family are gone.

15. What is Jimmy's dream?
(a) To be a filmmaker.
(b) To be an actor.
(c) To be an astronaut.
(d) To be a surgeon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is waiting on Godbee's porch when the family returns from dinner?

2. Who does Alice ask to dinner in Chapter 36?

3. What question does Jimmy ask Martha when they are in the stables?

4. How does Martha feel about the video kiss that Jimmy taped?

5. Godbee says that holding on to Martha's letter helps her to be ________________.

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