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Kevin Henkes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What game does Vince want to play with Martha and Godbee in Chapter 47?
(a) Trivial Pursuit.
(b) Scrabble.
(c) Pictionary.
(d) Parcheesi.

2. Who does Martha think of after learning that Jimmy videotaped their kiss?
(a) Olive.
(b) Jimmy.
(c) Tate.
(d) Kyle.

3. Martha asks Godbee for advice on what to do when she's feeling ________________.
(a) sad.
(b) lazy.
(c) jealous.
(d) angry.

4. Who has written the note to Martha?
(a) Luke.
(b) Vince.
(c) Tate.
(d) Chad.

5. What does Godbee tell Martha about good-byes?
(a) They are necessary.
(b) They are annoying.
(c) They are always difficult.
(d) They are like dying.

6. Who does Alice ask to dinner in Chapter 36?
(a) Seth.
(b) Jimmy.
(c) Chad.
(d) Tate.

7. Why does Vince say that he has not mentioned the video kiss?
(a) He didn't want their parents to get mad.
(b) It would be best for Martha.
(c) He was embarrassed to have her for a sister.
(d) He wasn't sure if Martha knew about it.

8. How does Martha feel on her last day at Godbee's house?
(a) Happy.
(b) Sad.
(c) Angry.
(d) Irritated.

9. When does Tate finally get to Godbee's house?
(a) At breakfast time.
(b) As Martha and her family are leaving.
(c) After Marthat and her family are gone.
(d) As Martha is packing her things.

10. What does Martha do to Lucy at the beach?
(a) Buries her up to her neck in sand.
(b) Lets her float on a raft.
(c) Buys her a snow cone.
(d) Puts sunscreen on her.

11. What place does the family visit two days before leaving Godbee's house?
(a) The Seahorse.
(b) The Knob.
(c) Sea World.
(d) Americana Theme Park.

12. Why is Martha especially sad to leave Godbee this time?
(a) She is afraid Godbee will die.
(b) She knows she won't be back next Summer.
(c) She sees Godbee crying.
(d) She didn't get to spend enough time with her.

13. What happens to Martha as she waits for Jimmy and a girl to pass by on the beach?
(a) She trips and falls in the sand.
(b) A seagull lands on her head.
(c) She slips in the water.
(d) Her swim suit top falls off.

14. What does Martha turn to when she abandons writing the book about Olive?
(a) Pottery.
(b) Baking.
(c) Watercolors.
(d) Poetry.

15. How does Martha attempt to hide her embarrassment of the filmed kiss?
(a) She acts extra cheerful.
(b) She stays in her room all day.
(c) She just reads a book in the apple tree.
(d) She wears big sunglasses all the time.

Short Answer Questions

1. The man in #173 says that he is haunted by Olive who was always alone and ______________________.

2. What has stained Godbee's hands?

3. Where does Jimmy kiss Martha?

4. How does Vince feel about spending time with Jimmy and his video camera?

5. What question does Jimmy ask Martha when they are in the stables?

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