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Kevin Henkes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Martha going to do with the jar of ocean water she collects?
(a) Pour it on Jimmy's video tape.
(b) Give it to Olive's mother.
(c) Put it on a shelf in her room.
(d) Use it for a science experiment.

2. In Chapter 48, Martha makes a note for her book that states that James has _________________________.
(a) epic film talent.
(b) a killer smile.
(c) a brain the size of a microbe.
(d) a really bad temper.

3. Why does Alice tell Martha that Martha will make a good mother one day?
(a) Because she has a playful spirit.
(b) Because she is very protective of those she loves.
(c) Because she is very patient with Lucy.
(d) Because she has a nurturing attitude.

4. How does Martha feel on her last day at Godbee's house?
(a) Sad.
(b) Angry.
(c) Irritated.
(d) Happy.

5. When does Tate finally get to Godbee's house?
(a) After Marthat and her family are gone.
(b) As Martha is packing her things.
(c) As Martha and her family are leaving.
(d) At breakfast time.

6. What does Martha find in the trash at the house where Olive used to live?
(a) A paintbrush.
(b) A tricycle.
(c) A step stool.
(d) A flag.

7. Martha has a dream in which she is surrounded by huge blocks of _________________.
(a) cheese.
(b) chocolate.
(c) wood.
(d) ice.

8. What does Vince say about Jimmy during dinner?
(a) He isn't a nice person.
(b) He broke his leg today.
(c) He is going to boarding school.
(d) He is his best friend.

9. Why does Lucy get upset at the beach?
(a) Her beach ball floats out too far in the water.
(b) She has sand in her diaper.
(c) She dropped her ice cream cone in the sand.
(d) It starts to rain and she has to go home.

10. Who meets Martha and Jimmy to walk Martha home?
(a) Dennis.
(b) Vince.
(c) Godbee.
(d) Alice.

11. What does Martha do to Lucy at the beach?
(a) Lets her float on a raft.
(b) Puts sunscreen on her.
(c) Buys her a snow cone.
(d) Buries her up to her neck in sand.

12. Who lives in the house where Olive used to live?
(a) Jay Hall.
(b) John Waverly.
(c) Jack McBride.
(d) Jerry Simpson.

13. In what state does Martha's family live?
(a) Ohio.
(b) Washington.
(c) Montana.
(d) Indiana.

14. Who has written the note to Martha?
(a) Chad.
(b) Tate.
(c) Vince.
(d) Luke.

15. What is notable about the blocks in #163?
(a) They are melting.
(b) They are floating away.
(c) There are people trapped in them.
(d) They are heavy.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Martha feel about the video kiss that Jimmy taped?

2. What has stained Godbee's hands?

3. What happens to Martha as she waits for Jimmy and a girl to pass by on the beach?

4. Why is Martha especially sad to leave Godbee this time?

5. Why does Jimmy kiss Martha?

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