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Kevin Henkes
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 31 through 49.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jimmy film to be included in the "death" segment of his movie?
(a) Slicing worms.
(b) Putting bees in jars.
(c) Boiling lobsters.
(d) Pulling wings off flies.

2. Where does Martha's mother work?
(a) Macy's.
(b) Wisconsin Public Radio.
(c) WHWI-TV.
(d) Pottery Barn.

3. Which two things are missing from Godbee's house that Martha has at hers?
(a) Cable TV and a dishwasher.
(b) E-mail and a dishwasher.
(c) E-mail and a shower stall.
(d) Electric garage door opener and E-mail.

4. What gave Godbee the idea to put colored water into the baby food jars?
(a) A picture that Martha drew as a little girl.
(b) She used to do it when she was a girl.
(c) The changing colors of waves in her dream.
(d) An idea she saw in a magazine.

5. Why does Martha feel the need to make the most of her time with Goodbee?
(a) She is not close to her other family members.
(b) Godbee is the only grandmother she has.
(c) Martha won't be coming for visits anymore.
(d) Godbee is old and will die someday.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 48, Martha makes a note for her book that states that James has _________________________.

2. What nickname did Martha secretly refer to her mother as?

3. What does Godbee suggest that she and Martha do when she can tell that Martha's mind isn't on the game?

4. Who does Martha focus on while speaking up in class?

5. Even though Lucy is ready to go swimming first thing in the morning, what does Martha opt to do?

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