Objects & Places from Olive's Ocean

Kevin Henkes
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The Boyle House

Where Martha is when Olive's mother brings her the page from Olive's journal.

Olive's Journal

This includes a page that outlines Olive's dreams and her hope that she and Martha would become friends.

Monroe Street

Where Olive is killed by a motorist while she was riding her bicycle.

Wisconsin Public Radio

Where Alice Hubbard works.

Atlantic Ocean

Godbee lives close to this body of water.

Godbee's House

Located near the beach, it's where Martha spends her summer vacation with her family.

Susan B. Anthony Middle School

The educational institution where Martha attends.

The Benton Place

Where Jimmy kisses Martha.

Woods Hole

Martha's favorite restaurant located near Godbee's house.

4525 Nelson Street

Where Olive's mother lived and where Martha wrote Olive's name on the steps using the ocean water.

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