Olive's Ocean Character Descriptions

Kevin Henkes
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Martha Boyle

She is the twelve-year-old protagonist of the story.


She lives near the ocean and shares a special bond with Martha.

Olive Barstow

She is killed when a car hits her while she's riding her bicycle.

Vince Boyle

He is somewhat rough and tumble, but his affection for his family is evident.

Dennis Boyle

He is a writer who has yet to have anything published.

Alice Hubbard

She is a radio personality who is somewhat demanding of her children though she also realizes their need for independence.

Lucy Boyle

She is demanding but generally so loving that Martha is happy to be with her.

Jimmy Manning

He is making a film and kisses Martha to create what he refers to as the love portion of his video.

Tate Manning

He shows up just as Martha and her family are leaving Godbee's to return home and gives...

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