Olive's Ocean Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kevin Henkes
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Chapters 1 through 13

• Martha Boyle answers her front door to find a woman who introduces herself as Olive Barstow's mother.

• The woman says that she doesn't know if Martha really knew Olive well, but that Olive had left a journal.

• The woman then gives Martha a page of the journal, saying that she'd wanted her to have it.

• She then says "thank you, Martha Boyle," and steps off the front stoop, turning to walk away.
• In Chapter 2, "An End," Martha recalls that Olive had been riding her bicycle on Monroe Street several weeks earlier when she was struck by a vehicle and killed.

• Martha recalls Olive as a quiet girl, "a loner" who had tended to stay out of the mainstream of students.

• In Chapter 3, "Hopes," Martha reads the journal page written in Olive's handwriting, and Martha imagines Olive's "thin" voice reading it to her.

• The journal entry is...

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