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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bill make Oliver drink at Toby's house?
(a) Wine.
(b) Gin.
(c) Whiskey.
(d) Beer.

2. How far away is London when Oliver decides to run away from Mr. Sowerberry's house?
(a) 7miles.
(b) 17 miles.
(c) 70 miles.
(d) 37 miles.

3. What is Mrs. Sowerberry's main complaint about children?
(a) They are unintelligent.
(b) They are too small.
(c) They eat too much.
(d) They are weak.

4. Who is the first person Oliver meets when he gets to London?
(a) Dodger.
(b) Mr. Ranckle.
(c) Mr. Bumble.
(d) Fagin.

5. How much is the parish willing to offer to someone to take Oliver off their hands?
(a) 20 pounds.
(b) 5 pounds.
(c) 15 pounds.
(d) 10 pounds.

6. What do Dodger and Charley tease Oliver about when Nancy brings him back to Fagin's house?
(a) His pale face.
(b) His time in jail.
(c) His clothes.
(d) His confused looks.

7. What does Fagin threaten to do to Oliver if he tries to run away again?
(a) Send him back to jail.
(b) Kill him.
(c) Starve him.
(d) Whip him.

8. What does Mr. Grimwig say to Mr. Brownlow about Oliver?
(a) He will steal Mr. Brownlow blind.
(b) He is a sweet and honest little thing.
(c) He is dishonest and will escape at his first chance.
(d) He has had a hard life and will never recover from the harshness.

9. What does Oliver's mother do just before she dies?
(a) Laughs.
(b) Kisses him.
(c) Writes the name of his father.
(d) Names him.

10. What does Mr. Sowerberry do when he returns home and hears what has happened while he was gone?
(a) Yells at his wife.
(b) Kicks Oliver out of his house.
(c) Sends Mr. Bumble away.
(d) Flogs Oliver.

11. What does Oliver do when he sees Charley steal a man's handkerchief?
(a) He tries to return it to the man.
(b) He runs away.
(c) He faints.
(d) He yells at Charley to stop.

12. What does Fagin need for his next big robbery with Bill Sikes?
(a) An inside employee.
(b) A key.
(c) A distraction.
(d) A small boy.

13. Where does Toby leave Oliver after the botched robbery?
(a) In a ditch.
(b) With a police officer.
(c) Just outside the house they tried to rob.
(d) At a hospital.

14. Who does Fagin tell about the botched robbery in hopes of assistance?
(a) Bombadil.
(b) Monks.
(c) Nancy.
(d) Tom.

15. Where is Oliver born?
(a) In a train.
(b) In a hospital.
(c) In a workhouse.
(d) On the streets.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Oliver admire when he starts to recover from his fever after the trial?

2. How do Bill and Oliver travel to the big robbery?

3. Who gives Oliver his daily beatings while he is in solitary confinement?

4. What does Noah tease Oliver about while they work together?

5. How is Rose related to the lady of the house?

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