Oliver Twist Character Descriptions

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Artful Dodger. - This is the nickname for the character who is eventually caught for pickpocketing. This character swaggers and brags, and is disrespectful to everyone in court.

Barney. - This character waits tables at the pub where the thieves hang out. This character has a nasal condition, so everything that is said by this person sounds as though he/she has a cold.

Charley Bates. - This character is a member of a gang, and is most notable for the habit of laughing all the time, even when it's inappropriate.

Mrs. Bedwin. - This character is a comforting elderly person who is very clean and neat. This character is also a housekeeper and takes care of the main character.

Betsy. - This character is a member of a gang. Though this character is not really attractive, this person is healthy-looking and loyal to the gang...

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