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Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps Santiago as he lands his boat?

2. When do the sharks return after Santiago loses his makeshift harpoon?

3. How long had their last dry spell lasted before the old man and the boy caught some good fish?

4. What happens to snap the old man out of his conversation with the bird?

5. As the sun sets, what advantage does Santiago tell himself he has over the marlin?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Santiago's meal on the second day and why he was so pleased after he ate.

2. What new indication tells Santiago and the reader that this is a truly remarkable fish after the moonlight jump?

3. What is the literary purpose of references to Joe DiMaggio in the story?

4. Explain the meaning of the statement that Santiago loved the lions in his dreams like he loved the boy.

5. What significance does Santiago place on the sudden pull the fish makes on the line after swimming steadily all night long?

6. Explain the significance of the scattered thoughts of the old man as he struggles to hold onto the fish.

7. Santiago does not consider himself to be religious, but what happens to show that he was at one time before?

8. Show how Hemingway uses the literary form of personification as Santiago thinks about the great fish he has hooked.

9. What indicates that Santiago has no idea of catching the largest marlin ever landed in those waters?

10. What is the metaphoric significance of the arm wrestling match in Casablanca?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about gaining knowledge and wisdom through experience versus formal education. Use Santiago as your example.

Essay Topic 2

Write a summary of The Old Man and the Sea.

Essay Topic 3

Write your opinion about Hemingway's style of writing. Use examples from the book.

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