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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the old man wish to take Joe DiMaggio fishing?
(a) He would like to talk about baseball while he fished.
(b) He heard that DiMaggio's father was a fisherman.
(c) He wants to get free tickets to a Yankee game.
(d) He thinks DiMaggio would be good at clubbing sharks to death.

2. When does Santiago finally see the lights of the city?
(a) After the moon rises.
(b) About ten at night.
(c) Early the next morning before dawn.
(d) Just as he is about to give up.

3. How thick is the line the old man uses to catch big fish?
(a) About as thick as an oar handle.
(b) A big around as his thumb.
(c) As big around as a pencil.
(d) Very small but strong.

4. What marlin does Santiago think about as he considers this fish he has on his line?
(a) The first marlin he ever caught.
(b) The marlin he and the boy caught 86 days ago.
(c) A female marlin that her mate kept jumping up to see where she was.
(d) A marlin that once broke his line and got away.

5. What does Santiago promise that he cannot do right at the moment?
(a) Say a hundred Our Fathers and a hundred Hail Marys.
(b) Get himself a larger boat.
(c) Always bring the boy with him.
(d) Go to church every morning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first thing Santiago asks the boy to bring him when he finally wakes up?

2. What does Santiago wish he could show the fish?

3. What does Santiago plan to do to change his luck?

4. Why does Santiago always dream about lions?

5. Who does Santiago think would be proud of him after he gets the fish lashed to the boat?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the man-of-war bird help Santiago catch an albacore?

2. Describe Santiago's first sighting of the marlin.

3. What significance does Santiago place on the sudden pull the fish makes on the line after swimming steadily all night long?

4. What new indication tells Santiago and the reader that this is a truly remarkable fish after the moonlight jump?

5. How does Hemingway use conversation between the old man and the boy to show Santiago's age?

6. Santiago does not consider himself to be religious, but what happens to show that he was at one time before?

7. While sleeping in the boat, what are Santiago's dream like?

8. How do you know that Santiago only intended to fish for one day when he left to go far out into the sea?

9. Discuss the conflict of resolution between the old man and the fish.

10. Explain the significance of the scattered thoughts of the old man as he struggles to hold onto the fish.

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