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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Santiago feel sorry for the terns?
(a) He thinks they are incredibly ugly.
(b) He thinks they will get lost over the sea.
(c) He thinks they are too delicate for the sea.
(d) He thinks they are not fast enough and the fish will eat them.

2. What does Santiago think might have caused the fish to jump so much?
(a) Hunger or fear.
(b) Just waking up.
(c) Needing more exercise.
(d) A school of dolphins.

3. How does Hemingway use Joe DiMaggio's injury to show Santiago's limited education?
(a) He thinks DiMaggio has chicken feet.
(b) He has no idea what a bone spur is.
(c) He pretends to know what a bone spur is.
(d) He thinks DiMaggio can poke out a catcher's eye.

4. Why does the boy not go out with the fishing boats the morning of Santiago's return?
(a) The winds were too strong for the boats to sail that morning.
(b) He found Santiago dead in his shack.
(c) He wanted to stay on the shore and watch for the old man's return.
(d) He was too tired from fishing the day before.

5. What amusing thing does the old man say to the fish as the fish begins to come nearer the skiff?
(a) Fish, you will look good hanging from my wall.
(b) Fish, why don't you just give up?
(c) Fish, don't you understand that you are beaten already?
(d) Fish, you are going to die. Do you have to kill me, too?

Short Answer Questions

1. What marlin does Santiago think about as he considers this fish he has on his line?

2. What does Santiago like to read in the newspaper?

3. What vow does the old man make to the fish?

4. What does Santiago find in the dolphin's maw when he cuts it open?

5. What effect did his movement and the hot sun during the day have on Santiago?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Santiago decide he could sleep a while on the second night?

2. As the conflict between man and fish continues, what does Santiago contemplate to gain advantage for himself? Explain.

3. When the big fish first takes the bait, the old man thought about what he was sure the fish would do but he did not say it out loud. Why?

4. Since the fish is too large to fit into the boat, how does Santiago plan on getting it back to shore?

5. Describe the relationship between Manolin and Santiago.

6. Explain the meaning of the statement that Santiago loved the lions in his dreams like he loved the boy.

7. How does the man-of-war bird help Santiago catch an albacore?

8. What indicates that Santiago has no idea of catching the largest marlin ever landed in those waters?

9. How does the old man utilize the power of positive thinking as he struggles with the huge marlin during the night?

10. What makes Manolin cry after he discovers the old man at his house?

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