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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the old man imagine about the marlin if it had been alive?
(a) He thinks the marlin could outswim the sharks.
(b) He thinks the marlin would get away because it can jump so high.
(c) He imagines the marlin would eat the harks.
(d) He imagines it fighting the sharks with the spear on its head.

2. What marlin does Santiago think about as he considers this fish he has on his line?
(a) A marlin that once broke his line and got away.
(b) The first marlin he ever caught.
(c) The marlin he and the boy caught 86 days ago.
(d) A female marlin that her mate kept jumping up to see where she was.

3. How did the old man know the marlin had turned eastward?
(a) His compass indicated the direction.
(b) The eastern sea breezes grew stronger.
(c) The afternoon sun was on his back.
(d) The skiff began to go slower against the east wind.

4. What does Santiago look for as he sails toward the land?
(a) Dangerous reefs he might wreck on.
(b) Sails or smoke from ships.
(c) Evidence of sharks in the water.
(d) Signs of land up ahead.

5. What idea does Santiago have to help tire the marlin out?
(a) Tying off the line and rowing in the opposite direction.
(b) Catching more dolphin and making them pull against the marlin.
(c) Raising the sail when the wind blows in the opposite direction.
(d) Lashing the oars across the stern of the skiff to increase drag.

Short Answer Questions

1. Something brings Santiago out of his reverie. What is it?

2. Which line below gives an indication of Santiago's respect for nature?

3. What brings Santiago awake suddenly in the night?

4. What are Santiago's last three weapons he can use against the sharks?

5. How does the old man discover that the fish is slowing down?

Short Essay Questions

1. Relate the speech the boy makes to show his estimation of Santiago as a fisherman.

2. What indicates that Santiago has no idea of catching the largest marlin ever landed in those waters?

3. As the conflict between man and fish continues, what does Santiago contemplate to gain advantage for himself? Explain.

4. Discuss how Hemingway uses the man-of-war bird, the dolphins, and the flying fish to explain the nature of life in the sea.

5. What significance does Santiago place on the sudden pull the fish makes on the line after swimming steadily all night long?

6. How does Santiago think about the night time conflict between himself and the great fish?

7. What is the literary purpose of references to Joe DiMaggio in the story?

8. Describe Santiago's meal on the second day and why he was so pleased after he ate.

9. How does Hemingway demonstrate Santiago's expertise as a sailor and fisherman?

10. What happens when the first shark attacks the marlin?

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