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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Santiago think he may have to fight again before he reaches Havana?
(a) He is still having bad luck.
(b) The boy is not there to help him.
(c) There is still half of the meat left on the marlin.
(d) The sharks know he cannot see them in the dark.

2. Why does Santiago decide to re-bait the the small line over the stern of the boat?
(a) He needs to keep busy to get his hand to uncramp.
(b) Anything he catches on the small line will draw the sharks away from the marlin.
(c) In case the marlin lasts another night, he will need something to eat.
(d) He thinks doing that will take him mind off his pains.

3. How does Santiago estimate the size of the marlin?
(a) Two feet longer than the skiff.
(b) Longer than a small tree is tall.
(c) Twice as long as the last marlin he caught.
(d) Twice as long as he is tall.

4. What does the old man think about to build up his courage as the sun sets on the second day?
(a) He remembers arm wrestling and defeating the Negro from Cienfuegos.
(b) He thinks about how the boy looks up to him as a great fisherman.
(c) He recalls killing a shark while he was swimming one day.
(d) He remembers surviving after falling overboard.

5. What does the marlin do as the sun rises on the third day?
(a) It begins circling the boat.
(b) It jumps every ten minutes.
(c) It tries to chew the line.
(d) It picks up speed and swims on top of the water.

Short Answer Questions

1. Something brings Santiago out of his reverie. What is it?

2. Santiago is pinned down and the line is rushing out around his back and through his hand, cutting them. What makes him think about the boy?

3. After killing the Mako shark, what is Santiago aware of as missing?

4. Does Santiago think of the wind as his friend?

5. How do the brown sharks attack the old man's fish?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hemingway use conversation between the old man and the boy to show Santiago's age?

2. Why is it important for Santiago to see the fish he has caught?

3. Describe the scene that shows the good nature and high character of Santiago.

4. Describe Santiago's first sighting of the marlin.

5. What does the fish do that helps revive Santiago from his weariness?

6. By nightfall, Santiago recognizes a change in direction. Explain how he knows that.

7. How does Santiago show his resolution as he holds the line and thinks about all the things the fish might do?

8. After Santiago manages to kill the shovel-nosed sharks that have taken about a quarter of the meat off his marlin, how does he feel?

9. Describe Santiago's meal on the second day and why he was so pleased after he ate.

10. When there is another bite on one of his other lines, Santiago cuts it loose. Why?

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