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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the old man think is a greater punishment for the marlin than the hook in his mouth?
(a) Sharks that he cannot escape because of the hook and line.
(b) The fact that he cannot sleep.
(c) The indignity of being caught by a man.
(d) Hunger and fighting something he does no comprehend.

2. What brings the shark towards Santiago's boat?
(a) The sound of Santiago talking out loud.
(b) The flying fish jumping along side the boat.
(c) A dark cloud of blood from the marlin.
(d) A school of dolphins following the boat.

3. What does Santiago think is unjust but something he must do?
(a) Eat more raw fish to survive.
(b) Cut the marlin loose and go back saying he had another day of bad luck.
(c) Act strange for the boy.
(d) Kill the great fish on the end of his line.

4. After eating the raw dolphin, what does the old man promise he will do in the future?
(a) Bring along salt and limes.
(b) Rig up a stove on his skiff.
(c) Never eat on the boat again.
(d) Bring sandwiches.

5. What does the shadow of a passing airplane do on the surface of the sea?
(a) Scares up a school of flying fish.
(b) Bounces like a basketball.
(c) Makes the dolphins go away.
(d) Startles Santiago.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sound of nature replaces human sounds as Santiago rows farther and farther out to sea?

2. Santiago recalls catching marlin that weighed over a thousand pounds. Why is this time different?

3. What does the boy order for Santiago at the Terrace Cafe?

4. What does the old man conclude defeated him?

5. What does the old man imagine about the marlin if it had been alive?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hemingway demonstrate Santiago's expertise as a sailor and fisherman?

2. What indicates that Santiago has no idea of catching the largest marlin ever landed in those waters?

3. It is now the next day and Santiago had brought no provisions for a meal at sea. What does he have to eat?

4. Explain the first indication that Santiago has that he has caught a very large fish, even though he has not seen it and does know know what kind of fish it is.

5. How does the man-of-war bird help Santiago catch an albacore?

6. How does the old man utilize the power of positive thinking as he struggles with the huge marlin during the night?

7. When there is another bite on one of his other lines, Santiago cuts it loose. Why?

8. When the big fish first takes the bait, the old man thought about what he was sure the fish would do but he did not say it out loud. Why?

9. Explain the significance of the scattered thoughts of the old man as he struggles to hold onto the fish.

10. How does Santiago show his resolution as he holds the line and thinks about all the things the fish might do?

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