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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What complaint does the boy have about the fisherman he works for after he is forced to leave Santiago?
(a) He makes him carry everything to and from the boat.
(b) He never catches any fish.
(c) He thinks he knows everything better than Santiago.
(d) He never lets me carry anything.

2. Who does Santiago think would be proud of him after he gets the fish lashed to the boat?
(a) The great DiMaggio.
(b) The other fishermen in the village.
(c) The boy.
(d) God.

3. What does the shadow of a passing airplane do on the surface of the sea?
(a) Makes the dolphins go away.
(b) Scares up a school of flying fish.
(c) Bounces like a basketball.
(d) Startles Santiago.

4. What does Santiago dream of?
(a) The fights he had when he was young.
(b) Africa and the lions on the beach.
(c) The women he has known in his youth.
(d) Fishing in a new, large boat.

5. What advice does Santiago give the boy about the boat he is now working on?
(a) Save money and buy that boat.
(b) Come back and go fishing with him.
(c) Leave the boat before its luck runs out.
(d) Stay there while the luck is still working for that boat.

Short Answer Questions

1. As his head becomes unclear again, what does Santiago ask himself?

2. What sound of nature replaces human sounds as Santiago rows farther and farther out to sea?

3. After the second brown shark is killed, what does it do?

4. Why do the sharks finally go away?

5. What happens after the old man harpoons the fish?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the conflict of resolution between the old man and the fish.

2. After Santiago manages to kill the shovel-nosed sharks that have taken about a quarter of the meat off his marlin, how does he feel?

3. Describe the scene that shows the good nature and high character of Santiago.

4. Why was it simple for Santiago to defeat the Negro of Cienfuegas when they had a rematch in the spring?

5. Why did Santiago give up arm wrestling?

6. By nightfall, Santiago recognizes a change in direction. Explain how he knows that.

7. Describe the relationship between Manolin and Santiago.

8. What is Santiago's analysis of having a cramp, especially when one is alone?

9. It was noon when the old man hooked the fish and four hours later he thinks about something odd. What is it?

10. What is the bond between Santiago and the boy?

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