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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What worries Santiago as he returns to Cuba in the night?
(a) That he has been headed the wrong way.
(b) That the boy won't be there to help him.
(c) That the bones of the marlin will fall off.
(d) That people are worrying about him.

2. After killing the Mako shark, what does Santiago eat?
(a) More of the dried flying fish.
(b) A piece of the marlin where the shark had bitten it.
(c) The liver of the dead dolphin.
(d) Nothing. All his food is gone.

3. Speaking out loud, what does Santiago say to the big fish on his line?
(a) Come on up and let me get a good look at you!
(b) For heaven's sake, turn around and go the other way.
(c) I'll stay with you until I'm dead!
(d) Fish, aren't you getting tired yet?

4. In great pain from the cold, what does the old man hope for?
(a) That a boat will come out and help him.
(b) That he will not have to fight the sharks again.
(c) That the wind will pick up.
(d) That there is a cold beer waiting for him.

5. What amusing thing does the old man say to the fish as the fish begins to come nearer the skiff?
(a) Fish, you are going to die. Do you have to kill me, too?
(b) Fish, why don't you just give up?
(c) Fish, don't you understand that you are beaten already?
(d) Fish, you will look good hanging from my wall.

Short Answer Questions

1. What funny thing does Santiago say to himself after thinking about what he had not brought with him on this fishing trip?

2. What does Santiago wish he could show the fish?

3. How did the old man know the marlin had turned eastward?

4. While Santiago pulls in the small dolphin he catches on the stern line, what changes does the marlin make?

5. What assistance for the old man does the boy try to get?

Short Essay Questions

1. On the second night, describe the old man's recollection that shows how strong he was years ago.

2. After the marlin jumps during the night, there is a lull. What does it allow Santiago to do?

3. Explain the significance of the scattered thoughts of the old man as he struggles to hold onto the fish.

4. Relate the speech the boy makes to show his estimation of Santiago as a fisherman.

5. When there is another bite on one of his other lines, Santiago cuts it loose. Why?

6. Santiago does not consider himself to be religious, but what happens to show that he was at one time before?

7. How does the man-of-war bird help Santiago catch an albacore?

8. What is the bond between Santiago and the boy?

9. Santiago recalls that he used to sing on the turtle boats, whereas now he talks out loud to himself. When does he think the talking began?

10. Why is the story about an old man instead of a young one?

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