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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What assistance for the old man does the boy try to get?
(a) He tries to get the boat he is now on to go far out near the old man.
(b) He tries to get better bait for Santiago.
(c) He tries to get a new sail for Santiago's boat.
(d) He tries to get his mother to make food for Santiago.

2. How does Santiago justify killing the shark?
(a) Saving other lives.
(b) The reward money.
(c) Respect for the marlin.
(d) Self-defense.

3. Santiago hates these sharks because they were something more than killers like the Mako shark. What is that?
(a) Ugly.
(b) Man eaters.
(c) Scavengers.
(d) Stupid.

4. Even though the boy can no longer fish with Santiago, how does he show his loyalty?
(a) He goes every day to help him unload his equipment.
(b) He helps Santiago repaint his boat.
(c) He invites him to his parents' house for supper.
(d) He gives Santiago a new sail for his boat.

5. How does he get something to eat?
(a) He puts the small line into the water and catches a tuna.
(b) He eats some of the rotting sardines and hopes it does not make him sick.
(c) He catches seaweed and shakes the small shrimp out of it.
(d) He cuts a slice out of the marlin.

6. How does the boy act defensively about Santiago as the fishermen look at the marlin's skeleton?
(a) He refuses to speak to the other fishermen in the village.
(b) He holds back his tears so the men will not see his concern.
(c) He tells them that Santiago is sleeping and they are not to disturb him.
(d) He starts a fight with a fisherman who is laughing at the old man.

7. After he finally gets to the shack and puts down the mast, what does Santiago find?
(a) A water bottle.
(b) His bed has been stolen.
(c) A newspaper with the baseball scores.
(d) A warm beer.

8. What does Santiago dream of?
(a) Fishing in a new, large boat.
(b) The women he has known in his youth.
(c) Africa and the lions on the beach.
(d) The fights he had when he was young.

9. Santiago recalls catching marlin that weighed over a thousand pounds. Why is this time different?
(a) Before he always had someone to help him.
(b) Before he was in a much larger boat.
(c) This time he has only a small casting net with him.
(d) This time the fish shows no signs of tiring.

10. What promise does the old man make if he brings in the fish?
(a) He will invite the whole village for a fish dinner.
(b) He will demand that the boy's parents let him come back to him.
(c) He will never go fishing again.
(d) He will make a pilgrimmage to the Virgin of Cobre.

11. What does the old man do to prepare for the arrival of the shark?
(a) He thinks he is dreaming.
(b) He tosses the rotting fish carcasses overboard to distract the shark.
(c) He gets his harpoon ready.
(d) He baits a hook and throws out another line.

12. What does the old man imagine about the marlin if it had been alive?
(a) He imagines it fighting the sharks with the spear on its head.
(b) He thinks the marlin could outswim the sharks.
(c) He imagines the marlin would eat the harks.
(d) He thinks the marlin would get away because it can jump so high.

13. What does Santiago wish he could show the fish?
(a) How many fathoms of line he had in the boat.
(b) How his hand was cramped.
(c) What manner of man the fish was up against.
(d) His club he would use to kill the fish.

14. Why does Santiago think he may have to fight again before he reaches Havana?
(a) The boy is not there to help him.
(b) The sharks know he cannot see them in the dark.
(c) He is still having bad luck.
(d) There is still half of the meat left on the marlin.

15. What shows up that the old man thinks of as a friend to talk to?a
(a) An albacore.
(b) A flying fish.
(c) A warbler.
(d) A sea turtle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What brings the shark towards Santiago's boat?

2. When does the old man hoist his sail?

3. What does Santiago reply when the boy asks how much he suffered?

4. Why is the old man pleased that the marlin had jumped a dozen times?

5. How many times does the old man have to stop and sit down on his way to his shack?

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