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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As he heads home and stops to look back, what does Santiago see?
(a) Nothing, because there is no light.
(b) The skeleton of the great fish lashed to the skiff.
(c) Small sharks trying to get the last of the meat off the marlin.
(d) Gulls swarming around his boat.

2. Why does Santiago feel sorry for the terns?
(a) He thinks they are not fast enough and the fish will eat them.
(b) He thinks they are too delicate for the sea.
(c) He thinks they are incredibly ugly.
(d) He thinks they will get lost over the sea.

3. What does the old man eat to keep up his strength?
(a) Raw tuna.
(b) The last of his bait.
(c) The man-of-war bird.
(d) Tacos the boy gave him.

4. Why does Santiago decide to re-bait the the small line over the stern of the boat?
(a) He thinks doing that will take him mind off his pains.
(b) Anything he catches on the small line will draw the sharks away from the marlin.
(c) In case the marlin lasts another night, he will need something to eat.
(d) He needs to keep busy to get his hand to uncramp.

5. How do we know the old man sleeps for a very long time?
(a) The old man talks all day in his sleep.
(b) The boy has to re-heat the coffee.
(c) The boy keeps thinking the old man has died.
(d) It is the next morning before he wakes up.

6. What is the first thing Santiago asks the boy to bring him when he finally wakes up?
(a) Another cup of coffee with milk and sugar.
(b) The newspapers for the days he was gone.
(c) A bowl of yellow rice and fish.
(d) The head of the marlin.

7. How does the old man console himself as he returns home?
(a) He promises himself never to go that far out again.
(b) He will never have to go fishing again.
(c) The boy will be there waiting for him.
(d) There is little damage to his boat.

8. After eating the raw dolphin, what does the old man promise he will do in the future?
(a) Rig up a stove on his skiff.
(b) Bring sandwiches.
(c) Bring along salt and limes.
(d) Never eat on the boat again.

9. Why does Santiago always dream about lions?
(a) He has always loved cats because they like fish.
(b) Lions make him feel strong and brave.
(c) He dreams about lions eating a huge fish they catch.
(d) They are something he saw from a ship off the coast of Africa when he was a boy.

10. How does Hemingway use Joe DiMaggio's injury to show Santiago's limited education?
(a) He has no idea what a bone spur is.
(b) He thinks DiMaggio can poke out a catcher's eye.
(c) He pretends to know what a bone spur is.
(d) He thinks DiMaggio has chicken feet.

11. Who helps Santiago as he lands his boat?
(a) No one. Everyone is at home in bed.
(b) The fishermen who are laughing at him.
(c) The boy.
(d) The whole city turns out to welcome him back.

12. What amazes Santiago as the boy talks about their first fishing trip?
(a) That the boy remembers everything so vividly.
(b) That so many years have passed since that time.
(c) That the boy has forgotten how big the fish was.
(d) That the boy cannot remember one thing about the trip.

13. When Santiago spots the shark, what does he know about the predator?
(a) It will not swim fast enough to catch the boat.
(b) It will not bother him if it is not hungry.
(c) It will try to knock him out of the boat.
(d) It has no fear and will do whatever it wants.

14. What happens when the shovel-nose shark comes and Santiago stabs it in the brain with his makeshift harpoon?
(a) The shark almost pulls the old man overboard.
(b) The knife comes untied from the oar.
(c) At that moment the wind dies down.
(d) The knife blade snaps off.

15. What does the old man think he killed the fish for besides food and to keep himself alive?
(a) The lust for killing.
(b) Throwing a big party for his friends.
(c) Revenge for all the fish he had lost.
(d) Pride of being a fisherman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Santiago think there are people who are paid to do?

2. What does Santiago suddenly realize he has been doing?

3. What is the boy's name?

4. Why does the old man never jerk on the line?

5. What does Santiago do when another fish takes the bait on another line?

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