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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What complaint does the boy have about the fisherman he works for after he is forced to leave Santiago?
(a) He never lets me carry anything.
(b) He never catches any fish.
(c) He makes him carry everything to and from the boat.
(d) He thinks he knows everything better than Santiago.

2. What is the boy's reaction when the proprietor of the Terrace compliments his catch the day before?
(a) He says to tell people to go visit the old man.
(b) He says to damn his fish and starts crying again.
(c) He says to stop talking or it will bring him bad luck.
(d) He says the proprietor should see what the old man caught.

3. Why does Santiago feel sorry for the terns?
(a) He thinks they will get lost over the sea.
(b) He thinks they are incredibly ugly.
(c) He thinks they are not fast enough and the fish will eat them.
(d) He thinks they are too delicate for the sea.

4. When the marlin slows and is steady, Santiago finally gets some sleep. What does he dream of instead of lions?
(a) A flight on a plane.
(b) Cutting his hand on the fishing line.
(c) A vast school of porpoises.
(d) Arm wrestling with the marlin.

5. His back is already hurting him, and then what begins to give him pain?
(a) His neck hurts from continually looking down at the water.
(b) His hand cramps.
(c) He cuts himself with a knife.
(d) The sunlight gives him a headache.

6. As he heads home and stops to look back, what does Santiago see?
(a) Small sharks trying to get the last of the meat off the marlin.
(b) Nothing, because there is no light.
(c) Gulls swarming around his boat.
(d) The skeleton of the great fish lashed to the skiff.

7. Speaking out loud, what does Santiago say to the big fish on his line?
(a) Fish, aren't you getting tired yet?
(b) Come on up and let me get a good look at you!
(c) For heaven's sake, turn around and go the other way.
(d) I'll stay with you until I'm dead!

8. When does Santiago plan to be out to sea?
(a) Before it is light.
(b) All night.
(c) By noon.
(d) Right after daybreak.

9. What happens after the old man harpoons the fish?
(a) The harpoon line breaks and the marlin gets away.
(b) It goes high into the air and comes back down, blinding Santiago with sea spray.
(c) The marlin starts swimming fast and pulls the boat with him.
(d) The fish tries to jump into the boat with the old man.

10. When do the sharks return after Santiago loses his makeshift harpoon?
(a) Just before sunset.
(b) Early the next morning.
(c) Just after dark.
(d) Immediately after he ran them off the first time.

11. What happens to snap the old man out of his conversation with the bird?
(a) An albacore jumps into his boat.
(b) Several shark fins appear in the water.
(c) The fish gives a strong yank on the line.
(d) The bird starts singing.

12. Why does Santiago think he may have to fight again before he reaches Havana?
(a) The boy is not there to help him.
(b) There is still half of the meat left on the marlin.
(c) The sharks know he cannot see them in the dark.
(d) He is still having bad luck.

13. Why does Santiago always dream about lions?
(a) Lions make him feel strong and brave.
(b) They are something he saw from a ship off the coast of Africa when he was a boy.
(c) He dreams about lions eating a huge fish they catch.
(d) He has always loved cats because they like fish.

14. Santiago hates these sharks because they were something more than killers like the Mako shark. What is that?
(a) Scavengers.
(b) Man eaters.
(c) Stupid.
(d) Ugly.

15. Which line below gives an indication of Santiago's respect for nature?
(a) I wish I could feed the fish, he thought. He is my brother.
(b) He thought of how some men feared being out of sight of land in a small boat.
(c) God help me to have the cramp go.
(d) Light brisa, he thought, better weather for me than for you, fish.

Short Answer Questions

1. What assistance for the old man does the boy try to get?

2. What last weapon does Santiago use against the sharks?

3. How does Santiago estimate the size of the marlin?

4. What does the old man eat to keep up his strength?

5. What does Santiago suddenly realize he has been doing?

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