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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the old man eat to get more strength after he washed his face and hands?
(a) The cleaned flying fish.
(b) A jellyfish.
(c) The bad smelling dolphin.
(d) Some jerky he forgot he had in his pocket.

2. Which line below gives an indication of Santiago's respect for nature?
(a) I wish I could feed the fish, he thought. He is my brother.
(b) He thought of how some men feared being out of sight of land in a small boat.
(c) God help me to have the cramp go.
(d) Light brisa, he thought, better weather for me than for you, fish.

3. What sound of nature replaces human sounds as Santiago rows farther and farther out to sea?
(a) The chatter of dolphins searching for breakfast.
(b) The hissing of the wings of flying fish.
(c) The call of humpback whales.
(d) The lapping of the waves against the skiff.

4. What amusing thing does the old man say to the fish as the fish begins to come nearer the skiff?
(a) Fish, why don't you just give up?
(b) Fish, don't you understand that you are beaten already?
(c) Fish, you are going to die. Do you have to kill me, too?
(d) Fish, you will look good hanging from my wall.

5. Why does the old man's boat move faster as he nears the land?
(a) Sharks are pushing it along.
(b) There is little weight now on the side of his boat.
(c) He is being carried by the Gulf Stream.
(d) The winds pick up.

6. What tells Santiago that he is becoming unclear in the head?
(a) He tells the fish to come and kill him.
(b) He thinks he has two fish on his line.
(c) He thinks he sees the fish turning green.
(d) He tells himself to let the fish go.

7. What commonality does Santiago observe in deep water fish when they pick up speed?
(a) They turn yellow when they are angry or frightened.
(b) They have purple stripes or spots.
(c) They are always hungry.
(d) They all look green in the water.

8. How does Santiago imagine Joe DiMaggio would be able to do what he is doing with the marlin?
(a) Not so well except at clubbing the big fish to death.
(b) He would get too tired because baseball games do not last for days.
(c) He couldn't do it at all because of his bone spur.
(d) Better, because his is young and strong and his father was a fisherman.

9. What does Santiago think about giving up hope?
(a) He believes it is being real.
(b) He believes it is a sin.
(c) He believes it is all he can do now.
(d) He believes there is no such thing as hope.

10. What worries Santiago as he returns to Cuba in the night?
(a) That he has been headed the wrong way.
(b) That people are worrying about him.
(c) That the boy won't be there to help him.
(d) That the bones of the marlin will fall off.

11. What is Santiago's secret for deep sea fishing?
(a) To bring the lines up often so the fish will notice the movement.
(b) To let the boat drift and put the lines at an angle.
(c) To keep the lines straight down.
(d) To use no more than one line at a time.

12. What does Santiago plan to do to change his luck?
(a) He buys a new sail for his boat.
(b) He plans to row far out to fish.
(c) He takes his lucky charms with him.
(d) He gets the priest to bless his boat.

13. How does the old man console himself as he returns home?
(a) He will never have to go fishing again.
(b) The boy will be there waiting for him.
(c) He promises himself never to go that far out again.
(d) There is little damage to his boat.

14. How many rows of teeth does the Mako shark have?
(a) Four.
(b) Eight.
(c) Two.
(d) Six.

15. What brings Santiago awake suddenly in the night?
(a) It starts to rain.
(b) The smell of the leftover raw fish.
(c) The marlin is jumping again and again out of the sea.
(d) Another plane flies over at a low altitude.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the old man think about a cramp?

2. Speaking out loud, what does Santiago say to the big fish on his line?

3. How many times does the old man have to stop and sit down on his way to his shack?

4. How did the old man know the marlin had turned eastward?

5. How long had their last dry spell lasted before the old man and the boy caught some good fish?

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