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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the old man pleased that the marlin had jumped a dozen times?
(a) He was getting a good look at his fish.
(b) He thinks the fish is about to die.
(c) When the fish jumps the boat stands still.
(d) The fish had filled its air sacs and could not dive deep again.

2. What complaint does the boy have about the fisherman he works for after he is forced to leave Santiago?
(a) He thinks he knows everything better than Santiago.
(b) He makes him carry everything to and from the boat.
(c) He never lets me carry anything.
(d) He never catches any fish.

3. What indicates the old man's pride?
(a) His shame at having such a patched up sail.
(b) He always wears a new shirt.
(c) At first refusing to eat what the boy has brought him.
(d) Shame at not having enough yellow rice and fish to share with the boy.

4. Does Santiago think of the wind as his friend?
(a) Yes, because it is always there.
(b) No, because it is fickle.
(c) Yes. Sometimes.
(d) No, because it storms a lot in the Caribbean.

5. How old was the boy the first time he went fishing with Santiago?
(a) 7 years old.
(b) 15 years old.
(c) 10 years old.
(d) 5 years old.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the fisherman say about the marlin to the boy?

2. What does Santiago look for as he sails toward the land?

3. Why does Santiago drink his morning coffee slowly?

4. How does the old man get hurt when the fish yanks on the line?

5. What does the old man think is a greater punishment for the marlin than the hook in his mouth?

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